15 Lists To Make For Christmas

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We love a good list here at Christmasphere HQ. We love to feel organised and planning for Christmas is the best way to get in the festive mood. Lists help you feel in control of Christmas planning. They also help you stay on track with Christmas preparations and it takes away that last-minute stress and panic.

We want you to enjoy every minute of Christmas, so make yourself a few lists to help you feel ready for the festive season this year.


15 Lists To Make For Christmas

1. Gift Lists

Write a list of everyone you and your family will be buying or making gifts for this year. Download and print out a free Christmas Gift Planner.

2. Your own wishlist

Wishlists aren’t just for kids! Make a list of some of the things you might like. This is super helpful if people call up asking what to get you. Plus, if you have the budget, it’s always nice to buy yourself a gift, especially if you’re the person doing all the Christmas organising! Download and print a free Christmas Wish List (three designs to choose from).

3. Christmas Card Lists

Make a list of everyone you need to send a Christmas card to and mark anyone whose address you need to get ahold of.

4. Budget List

Be realistic with your budget. We never recommend getting into debt unnecessarily. The earlier you can plan your budget the better. Be sure to start with the amount you can afford to spend over the holidays and then break it down into gifts, food, decorations, travel, events.

5. Recipe List

This is the list for planning what meals you want to cook over the festive period. List the recipes to start with before making your shopping list nearer the time based on what you already have in the pantry and what is missing. Download a FREE Christmas Dinner planner.

6. Events List

Make a list of all the events you plan to go to this festive season. This can include pantomime, theatre, and ballet performances. Maybe you have kids shows to attend. List any parties or meet-ups you are likely to attend.

7. Bucket List

This is the fun list! Your Christmas bucket list is where you can use your imagination and dreams to list all of the things you would love to do at this time of year. It could include things that you would do if money or time were no barrier. They could also be the smaller simple things that you’d love to do.

8. Traditions List

Note down all of your personal and family traditions. This might include driving around to view all the neighbourhood Christmas lights. Maybe you read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Or it might be the winter walk you love to take after the Christmas dinner.

9. Christmas Movie List

Make a list of all your favourite festive films and the ones you want to watch this year. There are so many great Christmas movies now that it is worth planning ahead so you can make time to watch them all.

10. Christmas Songs List

Likewise, it’s fun to make a list of all your favourite festive tunes. We love Christmas music to help us get into the mood this season. You could get all the family involved and make a special playlist.

11. Home Decor List

Feel prepared for the Christmas season by taking stock of the decorations you already have, maybe declutter anything that is broken or no longer to taste. And make a home decor list of any decorations you want to buy this year.

12. Christmas Day Photo List

Christmas Day can get busy quickly and we sometimes forget to take photos to capture the moment and those memories. So make a list of the photos you definitely want to take on Christmas Day. Here are 50 ideas for a Christmas Day photo checklist.

13. Christmas Memory List

This is more of an ongoing list and is perfect for reminiscing and nostalgia. Note down all of your favourite Christmas memories, maybe write a few under each year. And leave space for future years to add to the list.

14. December To-Do List

Make note of all the errands and deadlines you have coming up in December. It is amazing how quickly December goes by with events, parties, and shopping. Get ahead of the game by writing this to-do list and you can even start scheduling in tasks beforehand for an easy ride through the festive month. Download the December Planner.

15. Christmas Week To-Do List

Christmas week tends to be the busiest time. If you have guests coming to stay, or you are travelling around the country, writing a Christmas week to-do list will help you feel prepared and stress-free enough to enjoy the week.

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