How To Organise A Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas jumper day is one of our favourite fundraising events. However, when it comes to getting one sorted out with your family and friends you may need a little help. Here’s our guide to organising a fun Christmas jumper day, whether it’s for fundraising or just for fun.

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Save The Children and other charities organise a national Christmas jumper day fundraising event on the second Friday of December. Usually, when it comes to fundraising the easiest thing to do is collect a sum of money from children, staff, passers-by for wearing a Christmas jumper on the day. That money would then be donated.

If you want to, you can take this model and set up your own little fundraising jumper day for a charity of your own choice. If you want to donate to Save The Children, then you can register to get materials and buckets here

Bake Sale

Christmas bakes

You could also host a bake sale. Having people bring cakes and small desserts and offering them for a small fee, which could then be donated. This is a good method, tried and tested by many school fairs. 

When holding a Christmas bake sale as well as selling all the traditional baked treats, you can have a hot chocolate station set up to collect extra pennies. You can follow our post, DIY Hot Chocolate Station to find out how.


Instead of getting participants to donate outright, offering a raffle to keep the fun festive spirit up may be a good option when organising a Christmas jumper day. This way people feel good from donating a pound or a sum of money you choose per raffle entry, and they’ll have the excitement of winning a prize at the end of the day too.

Organising A Christmas Jumper Day

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Whether you want to throw a jumper party or a day at the office, organising the event is the first hurdle. Coming up with when to have it and how to fundraise with it are the main two hurdles, and we’ve already tackled one.

Picking The Perfect Day

Like a wedding, picking the perfect Christmas jumper day is essential for everyone’s enjoyment. Friday is always a good day for a fun event. It rounds out a week of work or school and sets the tone for the weekend. But on the other end of the spectrum, holding the day on a Monday may really boost people’s week.

When it comes to when in the month to have your Jumper day. The day as everyone else is the obvious choice. But a date earlier in the month could help bring people into the festive mood as we transition from Halloween or Thanksgiving to Christmas. And a later one can help keep the Christmas cheer alive as you get closer to the big day.

Last year’s Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day was held on Friday 13th December.

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Choosing A Theme

This one is a little bit of a head-scratcher. But when it comes to a theme, Christmas jumper is a great one! The nature of the event is to be comfortable and have fun with your jumper. So, a theme may not be the best option.

Rather than having a full-on theme, why not have basic guidelines to reflect the environment. So if you’re planning a day event where children may be involved, you can advise that its best leave the naughty jumpers at home and wear fun family-friendly ones instead.

And finally, the most important thing about planning a Christmas jumper event is to have fun and make sure everyone involved has fun! 

How to organise a Christmas Jumper Day