Christmas Day Photo Checklist: 50 Photo Ideas

Catching all the days memories with Christmas day photo taking is a must. From the second you wake up grab a camera and play paparazzi to get all the best shots of the people you love.

Throughout the day one person may not be able to take all the photos, so why not pass the lens around and get everybody’s perspective of the day. That way it gives the day a rounded and warm feeling when looking back over them and seeing a shot your child took that you didn’t think of or a nice snap of yourself hard at work cooking or playing games.

Before a day of photography, double-check your battery life. If you’re using a traditional digital camera make sure the battery is charged or swap in some fresh batteries, so you don’t have to worry about it during the day. If you’re using your phone, make sure to have a charger nearby to recharge during the day.

Gingerbread men and women
Gingerbread people

50 great ideas for photos to capture on Christmas day


1. Christmas morning
2. The calendar on December 25th
3. The family together on the stairs
4. The house all decorated before people touch anything
5. The empty plate of cookies and empty cup for Santa from the night before
6. Kids excited stood by the tree
7. The tree all decorated with gifts underneath
8. A close up of all the presents under the tree
9. Each family member with their gifts
10. The family all together around the tree

child on Christmas morning
Happy child on Christmas morning all dressed up

11. Full mugs of hot chocolate
12. Any family traditions you have
13. Christmas breakfast
14. Opening Christmas gifts
15. Gift givers reactions
16. The wrapping paper surrounding each family member
17. The family in front of the tree surrounded by wrapping paper, holding gifts
18. Family Pets
19. Thank you hugs
20. Christmas dinner preparations

Star Christmas cookies
Star Christmas cookies


21. Christmas day outfits
22. Guests arriving
23. View from your window
24. Christmas lunch
25. The family playing games
26. Christmas Day Walk or Swim
27. Christmas cards lined up
28. Adults with Christmas drinks
29. Tinsel jewellery – wrapped around like scarves or around the head
30. Christmas party if you have one

31. Themed group photo
32. Gingerbread house
33. Christmas cake
34. Quieter moments as everyone waits for dinner

Christmas Dinner table
Christmas Dinner table


35. The Christmas dining table
36. People pulling crackers and laughing at jokes
37. Everyone in their paper hats
38. Through the window from the outside looking in
39. Christmas dinner, before during and after it’s eaten
40. Everyone after they’ve finished eating

41. The dining table clean-up
42. Everyone relaxing after a day of activity
43. What the family is watching – Christmas TV or Christmas movies

Whilst winding down from all of your Christmas day photo taking, if you need some tv inspiration check out our post The Most Memorable Christmas TV Moments or if you want to watch something a little bit different to watch this year why not check out our list of Alternative Christmas Movies.

Hot Chocolate and popcorn
Hot Chocolate and popcorn


44. Children with their grandparents
45. Family leaving
46. The Christmas lights on the street
47. The pre tidied house
48. Tucking the kids in bed after a long day of fun
49. The sigh of relief when the house calms down
50. The tidy up

That has been a checklist of 50 Christmas day photo prompts to give you a wide variety of pictures this Christmas.

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