How To Set Goals and Intentions for Winter

The autumn/winter season can suddenly become quite hectic with planning and activities for the festive season ahead. There is Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve to think about. Over in the States there is Thanksgiving to plan for. Across much of Europe there is planning for Christmas Eve celebrations and St. Nicholas Day. All over the world Jewish people have Hanukkah to look forward to. Hindus will be celebrating Diwali. All in all, there are a lot of celebrations for people to look forward to in last quarter of the year. And with celebrations comes planning.

It is all too easy to get swept along with ‘life stuff’ and before you know it, that season is here and you are running around trying to get all your errands done as well as trying to enjoy the moment. 

This is one of the main reasons we have started creating the planners here on Christmasphere. By having something tangible you can write out and plan on helps to not only get you organised but helps put your mind at ease. 

Nobody wants to feel stressed when they are trying to enjoy themselves. 

And before the planning even starts the best way to begin is to set goals and intentions. 

Read on for more and get your free download of the Winter Intentions and Goals printable which you can print out and use to fill out your own personal goals and intentions this year.

how to set winter intentions
How to set winter intentions

What are goals and intentions?

Goals are something tangible that you aim to achieve. Sometimes they have a deadline attached. Or they may have some kind of number attached. A budget, maybe.

Intentions are guiding principles. They align with your thoughts and values in life. It can be an aim, or a purpose. Sometimes it’s a feeling. Intentions should be heart-driven.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Intentions are how you show up in the world everyday. Setting intentions and keeping them in mind on a daily basis will help you achieve your goals. Once the intentions and goals are decided, you can go about setting actions for each day/week.

What is the difference between goals and intentions?

Goals are what you want to do.

Intentions are who you want to be.

What do goals and intentions for winter look like?

Start with intentions before planning your goals for winter. 

Examples of winter intentions:

  • To deepen my appreciation for nature in the winter months
  • To find calm in the chaos of the festivities
  • To feel joy on a daily basis
  • To connect in meaningful ways with people who matter

Examples of winter goals:

  • Commit to taking 3 walks in nature per week
  • Do at least 5 meditation or journal practices each week
  • Start a gratitude journal and write a line each night
  • Make coffee dates (virtual or in-person) with friends at least once a week

Winter intentions prompts

  1. How do you want to feel this winter?
  2. What matters the most this season?
  3. When do you feel your most happiest/calm/joyful?
  4. What would you like to let go of this winter?
  5. What would you like to create or nurture in your life this season?
  6. What are your happiest Christmas memories?
  7. What does your ideal Christmas look like?
  8. What elements make Christmas special for you?
  9. What fears would you like to release this winter?
  10. What are you grateful for?
  11. What words align with how you want this season to manifest?
  12. What 3 words describe your ideal Christmas?
  13. What kind of energy do you want for this winter?

Download and print out the free worksheet

How to set goals and intentions for winter

Step 1 – Make time and space for this exercise

Put your phone on silent, even better leave it another room. Tell those you share a home with that you need quiet time for an hour or so. Find a comfortable, quiet space to reflect and write out your thoughts for this season.

Step 2 –  Reflect on the past

Think back to Christmas and winters of past and note what fills you with energy, purpose, love, and comfort. Note what drains or doesn’t fulfil you.

Step 3 – Find clarity for current intentions

Focus on the present moment and use the prompts above, or any of your own, to set your intentions for this winter. 

Step 4- Brainstorm goals and outcomes

Using your set intentions, write out a list of potential goals and outcomes for this season. Focus on the ones that either resonate the most, or are the most practical and pertinent to your life right now.

Step 5 – Set practical actions

List some practical actions you can take to help you fulfil each of the goals, always focusing on the intentions set for the entire season. These will guide you through the festive season and offer a daily set of tasks to complete.

winter intentions and goals
Winter intentions and goals

By setting clear intentions for the winter season you are helping to keep your mind clear and focused on what truly matters to you. The intentions are the guiding principle for setting goals and daily tasks that matter without getting distracted by everything and everyone else. 

We hope you have a winter season that is truly fulfilling. 

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