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We love buying and making gifts at Christmas for family, friends, and co-workers. It brings us so much pleasure to seek out and find the ideal gift, something to bring a smile to someone’s face. Being able to make somebody feel special and appreciated at Christmastime is a gift in itself.

However, it is still fun to be on the receiving end as well. That moment when you unwrap a gift from another person and realise they have gifted you something thoughtful, or useful, or fun… it’s truly special.

And that’s one of the things that makes Christmas so exciting. The gift exchange is a great social activity that has the potential to bond people together.

Why do you need to write a Christmas wish list?

That being said, if we are not prepared or simply having a bit of a mind block about what to gift one another, it can be a little awkward if we miss the mark. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve gifted an unsuitable or unwanted present. And that is why writing a Christmas wish list is the ideal way to help others find the perfect gift for you.

We know many of us get to adulthood and think we are past writing Christmas wish lists. We might even feel a bit awkward and icky about it, not wanting to seem wanting. Yet, at the same time, we should really allow ourselves the grace to have Christmas wishes. Almost all of us will have some kind of gift we want or need. We all have something we could put on a Christmas wish list.

So for the sake of helping others we recommend writing yourself a Christmas wish list.

And even more so, for the sake of Christmas self-care and appreciating yourself, indulge in a bit of time to think about what you might like to be gifted this Christmas.

What are these 3 Christmas wish list printables?

To help you on your way, we have created THREE different Christmas wish list designs that are free for you to download and print out at home. We want you to have something pretty and attractive to fill out your Christmas wish lists on. Hopefully there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Do print out a few for your household, so everyone has something nice to write this Christmas wishes on.

You could even organise a Christmas list writing evening with your family. Put on a saucepan of fresh hot chocolate, play some Christmas music, and start getting in the mood for Christmas.

Christmas Wish Lists

How to download the Christmas Wish Lists

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free printable xmas wish lists

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