Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Handmade Christmas gifts are a thoughtful and meaningful type of gift-giving. Being able to make something by hand for someone you care about it is a great way to show you care because you are putting some effort into the gift.

Likewise, a homemade gift is an opportunity to create something unique and different from the usual gifts people buy from the shops.

And often, a handmade gift is a great budget option if you want to save the pennies this festive season.

So there we have it, handmade Christmas gifts can be thoughtful, unique, and potentially money-saving.

Handmade gifts tend to be a craft or food item. But if you have a special skill to share, get creative!

We have put together a list of ideas to help you find the perfect homemade Christmas gift this year.

Homemade christmas gifts ideas list
Homemade Christmas gifts ideas list

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  1. Teacup candles
  2. Painted mug with hot chocolate treats
  3. Jewellery Tray
  4. Lavender heatpad
  5. Oven mitt stuffed with cooking kit
  6. Kitchen towels
  7. Chalkboard mug
  8. Mason jar for bakers
  9. Lavender sachets
  10. Photo luminaries
  11. Candle in a mason jar
  12. Personalised mug
  13. Painted vanity trays
  14. Pin cushion jar for sewing supplies
  15. Tote bag
  16. Wooden coasters
  17. Mason jar cocktail kit
  18. Pot pourri
  19. Personalised camera strap
  20. Bracelets
  21. Crochet coasters
  22. Stove top fragrance kit
  23. Knitted stocking
  24. Adorned photo frame
  25. Personalised apron
  26. Pet treats in a jar
  27. Christmas plant terranium
  28. Soy candles
  29. Pine cone fire starters
  30. Memory jar
  31. Photo album
  32. Slippers and snacks kit
  33. Scrabble cufflinks
  34. Personalised advent calendar
  35. Jar of happy thoughts
  36. Motivational / mantra cards


  1. Body scrub
  2. Bath bomb
  3. Shower steamers
  4. Bubble bath
  5. Bath salts
  6. Lip gloss
  7. Spa in a jar
  8. Sugar scrub
  9. Nailcare kit
  10. Coffee body scrub
  11. Shea butter soap


  1. Cookie mix in a jar
  2. Shortbread
  3. Flavoured oils
  4. Chutneys
  5. Jam
  6. Meat rub
  7. Barbecue sauce
  8. Bacon jam
  9. Cookie gift basket
  10. Sugar cookies
  11. Chocolate and peppermint bark
  12. Christmas caramels
  13. Peanut brittle
  14. Ice cube tray chocolates
  15. Dipped marshmallows
  16. Pancake toppings basket
  17. Chocolate hamper
  18. Cake pops
  19. Cookie gift box
  20. Flavoured salts
  21. Honeycomb / cinder toffee
  22. Gingerbread
  23. Onion Jam
  24. Chai Syrup


  1. Minibar in a jar
  2. Infused vodka
  3. Infused gin
  4. Limoncello
  5. Mulled wine kit
  6. Hot chocolate hamper
  7. Mulling spices
  8. Tea kit


  1. Glitter globe
  2. Sleepover kit
  3. Playdough mix
  4. Reindeer hot chocolate cones
  5. Reindeer food
  6. Reindeer / Elf slime
  7. Christmas ornaments decoration kit
  8. Painted ceramics kit
  9. Personalised bookmarks
  10. Personalised lunchbox
  11. Decorate your own piggybank kit

Homemade Christmas Gifts


  • Search poundshops / dollar stores for many of the supplies needed to make your gifts.
  • Visit charity shops and thrifts stores for items to upcycle.
  • Sign up for coupon accounts.
  • Look out for sales throughout the year and stock up on your craft supplies.
  • Purchase early and spread the cost over months rather than just in December.
  • Think in bulk – make your handmade Christmas gifts in bulk
  • Check cashback sites and buy through those retailers.

Keep checking back as we add more easy, simple, and fun homemade Christmas gift ideas to the list!

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