List of Christmas Quizzes

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We love a good Christmas quiz here at Christmasphere HQ. They have proved to be super popular with our readers so to make it easier to pick the ideal Christmas trivia quiz for you this year we have put them all together in a list so it is easy for you to find the perfect quiz.

There is a Christmas quiz for everybody. Christmas quizzes all round!

We have a good ol’ family Christmas quiz with a range of questions, we have topic-specific Christmas trivia such as Christmas music or Christmas movies. Plus we will keep adding to the list as inspiration strikes and we write more fun Christmas trivia for you to test your festive knowledge. 

All of our quizzes have PDF versions available to download and print at home. Just click on the name of your favourite Christmas quiz for more details.

List of Christmas Quizzes

List of Christmas Quizzes and Trivia Tests

Family Christmas Quiz – This is a family-friendly Christmas quiz with 20 questions and answers. The trivia difficulty is mostly on the easier-to-answer side, with a couple of trickier ones for the adults.

Christmas Quiz for Kids – A 30 question and answer trivia aimed at children. The kid’s Christmas quiz has fun questions including children’s Christmas movies, songs, and general Christmas knowledge.

Christmas Quiz for Adults – This epic Christmas trivia has 61 questions and answers. The trivia difficulty is on the more challenging side, and the questions cover a wider range of topics related to the festive season.

Christmas Music Quiz – Test your Christmas music knowledge with these 30 questions and answers all about festive music.

Christmas Movie Quiz – It’s a quiz for the film buffs! We have a 37 question Christmas movie trivia covering most of the classics and contemporary festive films. 

Christmas Food Quiz – This Christmas food trivia quiz is going to make you peckish! We test you with 25 questions and answers about all our favourite Christmas food, past, and present.

Christmas Drinks Quiz – The Christmas drinks quiz is just a short little one with 10 questions and answers about some tasty festive drinks that many of us enjoy this season.

Christmas Animal Quiz – Test your quiz knowledge with these 15 questions all about animals to do with Christmas. 

Nativity Quiz – A 25 question trivia quiz all about the birth of Jesus. How well do you know the story of the Nativity from the Bible?

Christmas Trivia Quiz – This epic Christmas quiz has 50 questions and answers to truly test your Christmas trivia knowledge. This quiz will certainly get those brain cells working! We’ve put some more difficult questions in there this time.

Christmas Picture Quiz – With 5 sheets containing 20 images we have 100 pictures for you to guess from on this epic Christmas picture quiz post. The five picture quiz rounds are: Name the Christmas Movie, Name the Movie Santa, Name the Santa Celebrity, Name the City at Christmas, and Name the Celebrity with a Name Linked To Christmas.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt – not exactly a quiz but this is a fun option to add to your Christmas quiz night if you are hosting it at home or on an online video call where people can run around their houses trying to find objects on the list. 

Christmas Number 1s Quiz – Test your knowledge of these 20 UK Christmas number 1s with this quiz where you are given the first line of the song. You can try just guessing the name of the song, but you can also award bonus points for naming the artist and the year that it was number one.

Christmas Tree Quiz – A short niche quiz here testing your knowledge on facts and trivia to do with the Christmas tree.

Christmas Traditions Quiz – Test your knowledge on Christmas traditions with this 20 true or false quiz. 

Christmas Carol Lyrics Quiz – How well do you know your Christmas carols? In this quiz you will be given one line of lyrics from a famous Christmas carol and you need to guess the name of it. 

Christmas Songs Lyrics Quiz –  In this quiz you are given one line of the lyrics from a famous Christmas song, but can you name the Christmas song? This Christmas songs lyrics quiz has 50 lines to test your festive music knowledge. 

Click on the links above to access any of the Christmas quizzes. Test your festive trivia knowledge and happy quizzing!