Christmas Entertaining Essentials

We love entertaining over the festive season. Christmas entertaining at home is a delightful way to bring people together. It’s a time to celebrate, to enjoy each other’s company, and relax in a social setting.

If you are new to Christmas entertaining and not sure where to start, we have put together a list of Christmas entertaining essentials to help you get prepared for your soiree.

Not everything on the list is actually essential, but for us, these make our Christmas parties as fun, beautiful, and inviting as possible for our guests.


Christmas Entertaining Essentials

    1. String of lights

      The easiest way to create an atmosphere at a part is with lighting. Fairy lights, or string lights, are perfect as they match the mood of Christmas as well as bringing a gentle ambience to your party space.

    2. Extra seating

      Make sure you have plenty of extra seating for your guests. We tend to keep fold-up chairs in the shed or garage to bring out for shindigs. If you need to, maybe ask your neighbours if they can lend you some chairs.

    3. Blankets

      If there are any outdoor elements to your Christmas party, or if you live in a particularly cold area, it’s nice to provide a stack of blankets for your guests to wrap up warm with if they like. We have a vintage basket with blankets rolled up and ready in both the living room and by the back door.

    4. Wine bowl

      Whether you are serving hot mulled wine, mulled cider, or even chilled wine. It’s good to have decorative wine bowls to serve from or store bottles of wine.

    5. Champagne coupes

      We love to serve sparkling wine at our Christmas parties and there is something so special about serving in champagne coupes. There’s nothing wrong with the flute, but a coupe as a vintage decadence we enjoy. Be sure to have enough plus a few spare for your guests.

    6. Glass mugs for hot drinks

      If you are serving mulled wine, cider, or hot chocolate, choose glass mugs for your guests. They look pretty and are much nicer than a mishmash of your old mugs from the back of the cupboard.

    7. Festive serving trays

      Choose serving trays for your food that match your Christmas theme. It’s not essential but it adds to the atmosphere if serving trays complement the decor. Be sure to count the number of dishes you need before the party.

    8. Vinyl record player

      We love to stock up on vintage vinyl throughout the year whenever we visit flea markets. There is something so inviting about playing music through vinyl at a Christmas party. Must be all that nostalgia that Christmas brings. A vinyl record player is a great addition to a party.

    9. Board games

      If you are aiming for a chilled kind of Christmas party we recommend collecting some board games to gather around the table and play together.


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