Christmas Dinner Planner

Christmas dinner might be the biggest meal you make of the year. You are more likely to have guests over. And we all want to make something extra special on this feast of a day. 

Of course, along with cooking a large meal comes a bit of stress. There are all recipes to research, ingredients to buy, equipment to dig out the back of the cupboard, and of course preparation and timing the whole thing.

For Christmas dinner to go smoothly you want to be organised, you want to have some kind of plan in place. You want to feel totally in control of what you are doing so that you can enjoy the festivities of the day with minimal worry or stress. 

One of the best ways to minimise your stress is to first start with a planner.

You need a Christmas dinner planner to help you plan out what dishes you want to make for each course, plus what ingredients to add to your shopping list.

There is something about having everything written down in front of you to help visualise the dinner. It’s super useful to see if there are any gaps in your meal plan. And it helps to build out your shopping list in advance. 

We have created a free download printable Christmas Dinner Planner to help you. It’s a simple yet visual tool to help you get organised with your Christmas meal. 

Xmas dinner planner

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How to download the Christmas Dinner Planner

Simply fill out your name and email address in the form below and you’ll receive access to the free Christmasphere resource library where you can download your printable to your computer. 

  • Both A4 and US Letter sizes are available depending on where you are in the world. 
  • Once saved to your computer you can print out at your leisure as many times as you like. 
  • Plus, you will have access to all our other free downloads and printables to help you get organised this Christmas. 

Good luck with planning your Christmas dinner! 

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Christmas Dinner Planner