Ideas for Socially Distanced Christmas Parties

As 2020 is the year of social distancing thanks to the current virus pandemic, there is a good chance that our usual Christmas parties may look a little different to previous years. 

Many workplaces start planning the work Christmas party in the summer. And with the hospitality business, particularly in the UK, still either under lockdown, working on takeaway or alternative business options, or at a reduced capacity, it may be prudent to plan for socially distanced Christmas parties. 

At time of writing, in June 2020, the world is still struggling with the outbreak of Coronavirus. The world looks totally different to 6 months ago when we first launched this website. And in another 6 months time, when it’s Christmastime, who knows where we will be at. 

Our hope is for the safety and wellbeing of everybody. And yet, it’s hard to predict what will be.

For now, we are going to start looking at how we can still embrace the festive season and the joy that it brings at a safe social distance. 

Some of the great things that have come out of this pandemic has been the creativity and community of people. Let’s enjoy more of that.

Ideas for socially distanced parties

1. Virtual Drinks

Take your work’s Christmas drinks online and enjoy the company and chat of your colleagues over a Zoom chat. 

Everybody can enjoy a drink of their choice whilst catching up at a safe distance using video conferencing calls. 

If the business has a budget set aside for the annual Christmas party they could look into organising posting out a subscription box of drinks to each staff member. Or send out a voucher for staff members to buy their drinks and nibbles. 

2. Hosted Wine Tasting Workshop

Take the virtual drinks party further with an organised wine tasting workshop. Sign up staff to the workshop where they will have the wine sent out to their home address. The host will talk to the group through a wine tasting.

Alternatives include whisky tasting, gin tasting, or cocktail masterclass.

3. Fancy Dress Video Calls

Offer prizes for best dressed, creative headwear, best makeup, or most literal outfit with a virtual fancy dress party. 


4. Long Distance Secret Santa

You can still organise a group Secret Santa gift exchange. Using online generators, the party organiser can send out a secret Santa giftee, simply purchase the gift at the agreed cost and post the gift directly their home. You can arrange a video call where everyone opens their gifts together. It’s still lots of fun to see Sue from Accounting’s face when she opens her Christmas novelty socks for the 5th year in a row. 

5. Virtual Karaoke

This one still has Christmasphere HQ divided. Some of us love a silly session of belting out some cheesy classic tunes. Others of us think it’s the worst. So depending on where your company or group are on this, a Zoom Karaoke could be your idea of a great laugh or sheer torture (at the very least you can hit mute and smile along). 

6. Virtual Christmas Dinner

Send out a mini hamper of edible treats to the group and hop on a group video call to marvel at the deliciousness you’ve ordered and chat over tasty festive food. Or go for a classy afternoon tea for something a little different.

Whatever happens this Christmas, a virtual Christmas party could be something fun for all to get involved in! 


7. Online Escape Rooms

Take all the fun of figuring out clues in an escape room and do it together online. You can use 360 video technology via Zoom with real physical locations. Virtual escapes are fun team-building that stretches the mind at a safe distance. Cluecrypted do online games as well. Trapped in the Web is another good option.

8. Online Zoom Games

We have made a list of 10 games you could play with family and friends on a Zoom video call, including sound charades, name that tune, two truths and one lie and more. Zoom games can be more than just quizzes, there are lots of fun games to play at a virtual meetup. That said if you want to host a quiz we have LOADS of Christmas quiz question and answers for you.

Good luck with your socially distanced Christmas parties!

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