How To Make A Hanging Christmas Tree For The Wall

This year one of the team made their own wall hanging Christmas tree made with foraged wooden sticks found on the dog walks in the local woods. It’s a wonderful way to decorate for Christmas if you have a small space. Or, in our case, the perfect way to still have a Christmas tree when you have a young puppy that might chew through everything! (Read on for a glimpse of the puppy!).

Wall Christmas Tree
Wall mounted Christmas tree using foraged wooden sticks

Our wall mounted Christmas tree is essentially a wooden hanging Christmas tree. We simply cut our foraged sticks to size to create a Christmas tree shape, tied together with string, and then hang from a nail in the wall. All that’s left to do is decorate to your taste and there’s your beautiful wall Christmas tree.

Dry wood Christmas Tree
Decorating a wall hanging Christmas tree


How to make a hanging Christmas tree

Sticks Christmas Tree Supplies
Supplies to make a sticks Christmas tree

You will need the following supplies:


How to Make a 2D Christmas Tree
Cut the sticks to size

1. Collect or forage around 7-10 sticks that are roughly straight in shape. This all depends on how large you want your wall hanging dry wood Christmas tree. 

Arrange the sticks in a tree shape
Arrange the sticks in a tree shape

2. Cut the sticks to size, laying out on a flat surface so you can see how to gradually reduce the length to create a triangle shape resembling a Christmas tree.

Tie the sticks with string
Tie the sticks with string

3. Tie the sticks together using lengths of string. We wrapped the string around each stick a few times before tying a knot. 

Hanging the stick Christmas tree on the wall
Fix a nail in the wall to hang the 2D Christmas tree

4. Once tied together you can measure the whole length and width of the hanging Christmas tree before marking and fixing a nail into the wall in your chosen location.

Tie the baubles with string
Fix the baubles with string
Christmas Tree on the Wall
Decorating a wall hanging Christmas tree

5. Now you can decorate the tree with your fairy lights and decorations. Some we fixed around some of the natural nooks in the wooden sticks, and others like the baubles we tied onto the tree with string.

Wall mounted Christmas tree
Get all of the family involved with decorating

6.  Get all of the family involved with decorating your beautiful new 2D Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces
Decorating the wall mounted wooden sticks Christmas tree

7. Enjoy! 


Wooden Hanging Christmas Tree
Wooden Hanging Christmas Tree
Wall Hanging Christmas Tree
Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

As you can see this DIY Christmas tree was pretty easy to make, it looks stunning, A fun Christmas tree idea for small spaces (and pets!).We hope this inspires you to get creative with your own hanging wall Christmas tree.

Have you ever hung a Christmas tree on the wall?

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