Christmas Gift Planner

One of our favourite things about the festive season is going Christmas shopping. We absolutely love seeking out the perfect present for the people in our lives. We thoroughly enjoy that entire process of thinking about what a particular person enjoys, their interests, their passions, what they might need or want, what would bring a smile to their face. Then hunting down and finding the perfect present for them to open at Christmas – it’s an utter joy.

Buying, or making, the perfect Christmas gift is a wonderful feeling. However, it can get a little overwhelming when you have a lot of people you want to gift.

If you are getting ahead with your Christmas organisation and planning like we do then you might find you lose track of what you have already picked up for some people. We know we’ve got to December and realised we’ve bought somebody more gifts because we forgot about an early present we bought in the summer.

Likewise, you might not always be able to remember what you have gifted year on year and we none of us want to make the faux pas of sending the same gift as last year!

For many reasons and those we’ve mentioned above, we find it super useful to use a Christmas gift planner.

Gift Planner Free Printable

What is the Christmas gift planner?

A Christmas gift planner is a simple tool that helps us with both planning our gift buying and/or making ahead of time, and it helps us keep track of the process. We keep hold of our gift planners each year so we can check back on what we bought the previous year. This is so helpful when you have a lot of people to treat with a gift.

On our Christmas gift planner we also like to keep track of costs. It’s useful for budgeting and planning a spending limit on each person (we know we can get a little carried away with excitement when Christmas shopping). Plus we track what the final cost of each gift was just so we can get an idea of whether we are keeping in budget or not.

The Christmas gift planner also has space to list where to buy the gift from. This is useful if returns or refunds are necessary and you have a pile of receipts to go through.

Finally, we keep track of when a gift has been wrapped. We find that batching our Christmas tasks helps with organisation so we wrap the gifts in advance as much as possible. By checking the box when we’ve wrapped it we can see how much gift wrapping work we have left.

Why use a Christmas gift planner?

Overall, the Christmas gift planner is a great way to feel in control and organised with just one aspect of Christmas planning. It allows us to see at a glance who we need to buy for, how much we want to spend, what we have planned to give them, where from, how much we finally spent, and when it is wrapped. The entire process of gifting is there in a table.

We find it this gift planner so useful that we would love to share it with you. We have made this is a free download printable. You can simply download the PDF to your computer and print it out to use.

We have made this download in both A4 and US letter size to suit most people’s printer options. Simply put your details in the box below and you’ll get the download link in your email inbox.

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