6 Month Christmas Planner

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Planning ahead for Christmas is a great way to feel prepared, in control, and calm ahead of one of the busiest seasons of the year. When you plan for a longer period of time it gives you space and time to enjoy more of the fun and festivities of Christmas. You get to include more of the things that bring you joy.

Planning ultimately gives you the opportunity to create the festive season the way you want it to be.

There are so many different approaches to planning, and we will be offering a range of planning inspiration over the coming year. One of the first planning techniques we want to share with you today is the 6 month Christmas planner.

You might think planning for Christmas in the summer might be crazy. You might not be in the mood to even be thinking about Christmas and winter time when the sun is shining and you are revelling in the joys of summer.

But trust us. Starting your Christmas planning six months ahead can truly take the stress out of organising Christmas for you and your family.

The 6 month Christmas planner breaks down all of the little tasks you might need to do for the festive season so that you can do a bit at a time over the second half of the year. This means less overwhelm and stress. By doing little and often you get to complete the same tasks without overloading your time and resource all at once.

Six Month Christmas Planner

What is the 6 Month Christmas Planner?

This super cute 6 month digital Christmas planner was designed to look pretty throughout the year.

The free printable download features 7 pages –  a page for each month from July to December plus a blank page for you to either add extras to your lists or write your own monthly checklist.

Each month from July to December there is a checklist of tasks to complete that month. There are between 10 and 20 tasks per month, plus the checklist has plenty of blank spaces to add in your own tasks personal to your own Christmas and planning.

Free Printable Christmas Planner 2020

The tasks for each month cover budgeting, gift planning, shopping, decor, crafts, food, travel, family activities, cleaning, family management, and more.

For example, in July we include reminders to book off annual leave needed for the Christmas holidays. In September we include a reminder to plant Christmas bulbs to flower for December. And in November we include a reminder to finalise your meal plans.

Along with the checklist each page has a box for writing notes and a box for listing important dates. We recommend using the notes box for adding personal reminders for that month. For the important dates box we list any deadlines, last shipping dates, etc.

Finally, at the bottom of each monthly page there is a small calendar to help you track the dates and where you are with progress for the month.

How to plan for Christmas

6 month Christmas planner
6 month Christmas planner

How to use the 6 Month Christmas Planner

  • Each page of the planner is 8.5 x 11 inches. This is the standard letter size for the US and Canada. It is also printable at A4 size for the UK and the rest of the world.
  • Print out at full size and use a hole punch and ring binder to create a Christmas planner folder.
  • Or you could print out the planner and attach to a clipboard which can be nailed to the wall or kept in a safe place to refer to each month.
  • Finally, if you prefer to write your own planner for each month you can opt to just print out the last page which is kept blank and write your own task list to each month to suit your personal planning preferences.

How to get your free 6 month Christmas Planner for 2020

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We hope you enjoy this digital Christmas planner. You might notice that the spelling is UK English if you’re over in the US, this is because we are primarily a UK Christmas planning website. But we hope that those of you looking for a holiday planner all over the world can enjoy this free digital printable to help with your Christmas countdown.

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