Cheap Decorations You Can Make At Home

Christmas can end up being an expensive time of time year. Where possible, many of us would like to save a bit of money. A good start is to make some homemade Christmas decorations. We love this as not only a way to get cheap decorations, but making these Christmas decor items is a fun and festive activity to enjoy at this time of year. 

Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can Make

How to make paper stars
Photo – Call Me Cupcake

Paper Stars

All you need is some paper (one tip is to use spare paper bags) and a pair of scissors to make paper stars. Then you can either stick them to the windows with sellotape or blue tac or make a hole in them and hang with a bit of string anywhere you can in the house. 

This video tutorial is a great visual of how to make stunning paper stars. You will need: paper, scissors, ribbon, stapler.

How to make paper snowflakes this christmas
Photo – Martha Stewart

Paper Snowflakes

With just some paper and a pair of scissors you can make all kinds of snowflakes patterns.  Use any size scrap paper you have in the house to make different size paper snowflakes. You could stick them in the windows for all the neighbours to see.

Or you could follow this snowflake tutorial and make a dessert table backdrop.

how to make dried orange slices
Photo – Stephanie Studer on Unsplash

Dried Orange Slices

You can use dried oranges to make a pretty garland, or you can hang them individually on the tree. All you need to dried orange slices is an orange, a knife, an oven, and some ribbon/string to tie them. 

This tutorial will help you get started.

How to make a popcorn garland
Photo – Organized-ish

Popcorn Garlands

Another cheap and fun way to make a decoration this Christmas, with a popcorn garland all you need is some plain popcorn, a large needle, some clear wire (such as fishing wire), and some clear tape to seal the end of the garland. Be careful when doing this with kids. But it’s a fun craft and looks super cute on the tree.

This tutorial is a great example.


What is your favourite cheap Christmas decoration to make?


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