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One of the best things about Christmas is the food! So why not host a Christmas Food Quiz on your next online Christmas party call. Many of us are connecting with our friends, family, and co-workers on zoom calls and virtual meetups this year. A Christmas quiz is a great way to do something fun and festive. 

Today we have 25 questions and answers on the Christmas food quiz. Use the whole list as a quiz or maybe pick a few to make up a round along with some of the other quiz lists we have shared. If you want to download the food quiz we have made a PDF for you which you can get at the bottom of this post.

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Christmas Food Quiz Downloads

Christmas Food Quiz – 25 Questions and Answers

1. The most popular Christmas dinner main is turkey, but what is the most popular vegetarian alternative?


2. In ‘The Christmas Song’ what was ‘roasting on an open fire’?


3. Which way do you stir a Christmas pudding mixture for good luck?


4. In Tudor times, they roasted a bird before putting it back together (including the feathers) and served it to impress guests at a Christmas banquet. Which bird was it?


5. In Japan, which famous fast food restaurant brand is a traditional Christmas treat?


6. How many mince pies does the average Brit eat over Christmas? a) 6 b) 11 c) 21 d) 27

d) 27

7. In the old days, women in England who wanted to find a husband ate what at Christmas for good luck?

Gingerbread men

8. What is the meal consisting of leftover vegetables served on 26th December?

Bubble and Squeak

9. What is the name of the traditional Italian cake eaten at Christmas?


10. What would you stick into an onion when following a traditional bread sauce recipe?


11. Which fruit was often found in children’s Christmas stockings in the UK and considered to be a luxury?

An orange

12. Which English monarch was affectionately known as the ‘Pudding King’ because he requested plum pudding for his first Christmas dinner in England?

King George 1st

13. The cinnamon bread known as Kanellängd comes from which country?


14. What should be eaten on each of the 12 days of Christmas to ensure good luck for the year ahead?

A mince pie

15. Stollen is the traditional fruit cake of which country?


16. Bounceberry is another name for which Christmas berry?


17. True or false: Before turkey became popular, the traditional Christmas dinner in England included a pig’s head smothered in mustard?


18. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck?

A wattle

19. What was the Goose Club in the Victorian era?

A way for the poor to save for a bird to eat at Christmas

20. Babka, a sweet bread or cake filled with a variety of sweet fillings such as chocolate, is popular with which ethnoreligious group?


21. Who dishes up the figgy pudding in Charles Dicken’s classic ‘A Christmas Carol’?

Mrs Cratchit

22. A Christmas Couronne is a rich sweet bread and a speciality of Lyon. What does Couronne mean in English?


23. Which Swedish word beginning with the letter ‘s’ is a term for a buffet-style meal with a selection of hot and cold dishes?


24. Why do we eat chocolate log at Christmas time?

Pagan tradition of burning the Yule log – a special log for the fire

25. When did turkey’s first arrive in Britain (pick a century)?

1500s / 16th century

Christmas Food Quiz Questions and Answers 1Christmas Food Quiz Questions and Answers 2

Download the Christmas Food Quiz

If you would like to download a PDF version of this Christmas food quiz we have a couple of options for you. You can choose either the version with the questions and answers combined or the version with the answers on a separate sheet. 

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Happy quizzing! 

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