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Add a Christmas drinks round to your next Christmas quiz night. We know you are loving the Christmas quizzes right now. It’s such a fun and festive way to celebrate with family, friends, and co-workers. In these pandemic times it’s nice to get on a Zoom video call and host some fun virtual online games

We have been having weekly games nights with a quiz and even a recent scavenger hunt. To share the fun, we have pulled together some questions and answers that you can bring to the next quiz night. Either use the whole quiz below or pick out some of the questions to make a round combined with some of the other quiz categories we have shared already. 

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Christmas Drinks Quiz – 10 Questions and Answers

 1. The red and white costume worn by Santa Claus was supposedly first introduced by which drinks manufacturer?


2. Which alcohol is traditionally added to the base of a Christmas trifle?


3. Traditionally served hot at Christmas, with what is mulled wine made from?

Red wine, sugar, spices

4. What drink, invented by Francis Showering, has a fawn mascot?


5. Port, a favourite Christmas drink, can sometimes form a crust which takes its name from the wing of which insect?

Bee (Beeswing)

6. The Bellini cocktail was invented at Harry’s Bar in which city?


7. Which alcoholic ingredient is used in a Snowball cocktail?


8. From which country does the Christmas drink Eggnog originate?


9. Which spirit is traditionally added to butter and served with Christmas pudding?


10.Which country likes to start the festive season with a warming glass of Bombardino, a mixture of brandy and advocaat?


Christmas DRINK Quiz

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