Money Saving Hacks For Christmas

Some of our favourite money saving hacks for Christmas are all about planning ahead, even as far as January. Now we know that by January you are ready to put Christmas behind you and focus on the year ahead. But if you can think about Christmas throughout the year you will find great ways to save money.

Christmas can be an expensive occasion for anyone. It can be particularly stressful if you are on a budget. That is why we like to spread the cost over 12 months AND seek out ways to save money on things that are more costly in December.

By taking advantage of clearance sales both online and in the shops in January and over the year, you will make huge savings.

Money Saving Hacks For Christmas
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Money Saving Hacks For Christmas

1. Be creative with clearance gift sets

Many department stores in the UK sell gift sets with perishable goods in, but some ideas will still be good the following year. These gift sets will be discounted in the sale and make a good budget option for the following Christmas.

For example, these gift sets can include coffee or hot chocolate sets with a mug. Take out the food goods and use them and then the next year you can combine the mug with a gift card or fresh coffee/hot chocolate and repackage in a nice gift wrap.

You can do this with all kinds of food or beauty gifts. Just replace the perishable items when you are ready to gift, or combine with a gift card.

2. Make a hamper

Another option is to make hamper with a combination of items you have picked up in the clearance sales. You can usually find the gift sets in nice baskets or containers. Again, remove the perishable items and combine the other items as a lovely gift hamper. Lookout for baskets throughout the year to make your own hampers.

3. Buy Christmas cards and wrapping in January

There are great savings to be had by buying your Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and wrapping supplies in the January clearance sales. Luxury greetings cards that usually cost £10 a packet can be found for around £2-3.

4. Collect shop points and vouchers

Many supermarkets in the UK have loyalty schemes where you can collect points every time you spend money in store. Sign up for the shops you go to most often and begin collecting those points. By December you will have enough points to exchange into vouchers or money off your big Christmas shop.

5. Collect gift cards

Spread out the cost of Christmas by buying gift cards throughout the year. Some people prefer to receive gift cards as Christmas presents and this can take the stress out of last minute gift shopping. Just be sure to check for any expiry dates on the gift cards.

6. Sign up to survey websites

Some survey websites pay out gift vouchers in exchange for taking part in surveys. If you sign up early in the year and take part in regular surveys you should have a good amount of vouchers to use for your Christmas shopping by November/December time.

7. Sign up to cashback sites

With these cashback sites you can check everytime you are about to make an online purchase and if they are partnered you click through their link and then receive up to 10% in cash back. If you were going to make these purchases anyway this is essentially free money!

8. Look out for voucher codes

There are some websites that provide voucher codes for money off a huge range of online retailers. It’s worth checking them out if you are about to buy something online.

9. Sign up to retailer newsletters

Often shops will send out emails about their sales to their newsletter subscribers first. This is a great opportunity to get discounted items in off-season sales.

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