How To Make Christmas Morning Special

One of our favourite things about Christmas is that every family has their own traditions or little rituals. We all celebrate in different ways, and that’s part of the fun of it.

And the great thing about traditions is that you can start them at any time.

How do you like to spend your Christmas morning?

Do you wake up to presents from Santa and open them all in your pyjamas? Or do you wait until everyone is dressed up in their fancy Christmas Day outfits?

Do you have a special festive breakfast together? Or do you pick at all the Christmas chocolate until dinner?

Maybe you go for a winter walk whilst the turkey is cooking? Or perhaps you read books and listen to festive music?

We think it’s lovely to make Christmas morning special for yourself and your family.

Here are some ideas to help you start some new traditions and make the morning of Christmas Day special.

How to make Christmas Morning Special

1. Add extra Santa Claus magic

If you have kids make an effort to leave some evidence that Santa Claus was there. Have a half-eaten mince pie, chewed carrot, and empty glass where it was all set out on Christmas Eve. Maybe leave a note from Santa Claus next to the presents. (You might like: What children leave out for Santa all over the world)

2. Leave glittery footprints

Mark Santa’s footprints by sprinkling glittery or fake snow around a large shoe to leave the imprints by the tree, or chimney.

3. Make a Christmas breakfast

Choose something different to make for Christmas breakfast. It’s nice to have something luxurious or special. Or even something novelty and festive. We love to make these Easy Cinnamon Swirls as they take no time at all to bake which leaves more time for opening gifts!

4. Make hot cocoa to drink whilst opening presents

Take your time opening presents whilst sipping at delicious hot cocoa. Make it extra special with toppings such as whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles.

5. Wear matching Christmas pyjamas or onesies

Get matching Christmas pyjamas for all the family. You could go for fun or stylish. Either way, they make for memorable photos to look back on.

6. Wear matching festive jumpers

If you prefer to get dressed straight away on Christmas morning, you could buy the family matching Christmas jumpers.

7. Organise a gift treasure hunt

Add an extra element of fun to gift-giving by organising a treasure hunt. Write clues for each gift and send your loved ones on their way. Or try a candy cane treasure hunt.

8. Individually wrap lots of small gifts for the stockings

Spread out the gift opening time by wrapping lots of small gifts to open and putting them in stockings. Ideas on what to put in a Christmas stocking here.

9. Gift a new tree ornament to children

Start a new tradition of gifting children a new Christmas tree ornament to hang on the tree. They will love collecting the ornaments and looking back at the ornaments from years gone by.

10. Assign an Elf

Choose somebody to play elf or Santa’s little helper and distribute the gifts from under the tree. It’s extra fun if they dress up in costume as well.

11. Take turns opening gifts

Take your time to open gifts allowing each person to open one gift at a time. It’s a nice way to be more mindful of the gifts received and it’s fun to see what everyone has.


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