7 Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas

Christmastime is a magical time of year, we get together to eat amazing food, watch classic Christmas films. Most of the time out on our ‘Sunday Best’ or the outfit we’ve been planning since we saw that gorgeous dress on sale in the shop. So this year why not go for a fun Christmas Fancy Dress theme. Below we have listed some Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas to inspire you.

Rather than having people turn up in completely different themed outfits, tell your guests this year you are doing a fun Christmassy fancy dress party. That way everyone will come as something or someone from that franchise. The bonus is no one will be sticking out like a sore thumb in your Christmas photos!


Christmas Fancy Dress Frozen
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With Christmas being an already magical time this year send out the dress code to friends and family that you’re doing Disney. You could let each nuclear family know what Disney movie they should come as, or all friends and family should come as characters from a specific movie. 

For instance, when inviting your family and friends to your house for Christmas let them know that the theme for them is Beauty and The Beast (Christmas/snowy season scene in the movie). By telling them what they should come as it means no one can repeat costumes.

Or if you want the whole family to come in costumes from one movie, Frozen for example. Be sure to let people know the characters they should come as, that way you once again avoid costume repetition. 

Harry Potter 

Christmas Fancy Dress Harry Potter
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If you love Harry Potter, this Christmas make your dress code Harry Potter themed. You could specify by saying your guests must dress as a professor or student but ensure that there are no repeats! Or you could have everyone dress as though they were attending the Yule Ball, everyone dressed in finery but Harry Potter finery. 

Alongside dressing in Harry Potter costumes, why not make everything else Harry Potter related, from the Decor to the table setting. Make it a very Harry Potter Christmas that everyone is sure to love. Though be sure to have the dress code appropriate for the theme of your house, if you decide to decorate as though it were the Yule Ball, ensure that everyone attends in the correct attire. The same if you are decorating in just ‘normal’ Harry Potter decor, have everyone attend in school uniform, teachers, or other Harry Potter Characters. 

The Nutcracker 

Christmas Fancy Dress The Nutcracker
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A Classic Christmas Russian Ballet performance, with beautiful costumes, music and story. This Christmas your guests could attend as characters from the classic Christmas production. By letting your guests know what the theme is will inspire them as to what character they wish to come as. Your invitations could even be designed to fit the theme of The Nutcracker, meaning they too are patterned with drawings and images related to the performance. 

As the dress code is the Nutcracker, you could have your house decorated as though you are in the performance with the tin-soldiers, the Nutcracker and the dancing dolls. In the background, the classical Nutcracker music could play in the background whilst the seasonal festivities take place. Rather than buying costumes, you could easily make your own, this could be with clothing you already own in order to replicate the costumes in the performance. If those are too tricky for you to replicate, making costumes or outfits from the 2018 movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms would perhaps be a little more easy and accessible. 

The Grinch

Christmas Fancy Dress The Grinch
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What better Christmas theme to have as your dress code this Christmas than the non-other 2000 classic Christmas movie The Grinch. There are so many characters in the franchise, meaning however many guests you have there are plenty of character to go around. You could either have Grandad, a Dad or even a baby be the Grinch – just for fun! Or you could go the alternative route and have Grandma or even yourself as the Grinch. Remember he is not the bad guy, he ends up helping and saving Christmas.

Different families could come as the various families within the movie. Or children and parents could come as the same characters, the older and younger self of the character that we see in flashbacks of the movie. With this theme, it also means you can decorate your home to look just like Whoville from the Christmas Tree, all the way to the food

Nativity Christmas Fancy Dress

Christmas Fancy Dress Nativity
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You could go old school and dress up in the Nativity costumes you would wear at school whenever a Christmas production was put on. You could have the children dress as little sheep, or other farm animals, or even as stars and the littlest kiddie could be Angel Gabriel – the star that guided the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus. 

These costumes are fairly easy to replicate, they are also educational. This would be the perfect time to tell the children the story of Christ – whether you believe it or not it is still an important story to know, especially around Christmastime. The costumes and story are all part of the Christmas experience, if this is not your sort of fancy dress not to worry, you could opt for an alternative and dress as the animals and other important parts of the story, rather than the people within the story. 

Christmas Novelty Characters

Christmas Fancy Dress Elf Costume
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If you are unsure of a theme this Christmas but know that you want one, you could have the theme of classic Christmas novelty characters. Meaning that you and your guests could dress up as characters like snowmen, reindeer, gingerbread men and elves! When deciding what you want to go as have no fear, the range of characters is so vast and wide that it doesn’t matter if there are any repeated characters.

If there are repeated characters your theme can always be Santa’s workshop. Meaning, you could have guests dress as traditional Christmas toys, elves and of course have two people dressed as Santa and Mrs Claus. This could be the people hosting or Granny and Grandad, with their little elves helping them hand out the presents to everyone on Christmas Day.  

Favourite Christmas Movie Fancy Dress

Christmas Fancy Dress Movie
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For people to have some choice over what they would like to go as for Christmas this year, why not let them have the option of going as their favourite character from their favourite Christmas movie. Now, people may have the same favourite and if you don’t want repeated costumes, communication is key! If you keep the communication lines open between everyone then repeated costumes should be easily avoided. 

If you want it to be a surprise, every family could claim a movie as ‘theirs’ so that they can go as any character they want from the movie. Or if all your favourite movie is the same one, you could all dress as characters from the same movie, then when the day is over you could all sit together and watch your favourite film as the perfect Christmas Day ending. 

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