Gift Guide For The Indoor Plant Lover

In a more climate aware age, we are all bound to know an indoor plant lover. If you do, this is the perfect gift guide if you’re having a little bit of difficulty figuring out what to get your plant lover. Here are some of our top picks for an indoor plant lover.

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Indoor Plant Lover Gift Guide

blue socks with cactus on them

Plant Socks

Socks are the cliche Christmas gift, but, these fun cacti socks are a perfect gift for a plant lover if you’re really not sure what to get them. Socks are always a good start and a cheap one at that.

Potted cactus tote bag

Plant Tote Bag

This cactus tote bag is a great accessory for a plant lover.  Not only is it incredibly cute, but it’s also a reusable bag which is great for the environment.

Cactus ring holder
Cactus Jewellery Holder

What’s cuter than a little cactus holding up rings and bracelets? For the plant lover, probably nothing. Which makes this a great gift if you know they have lots of small jewellery items. With a nice base plate, this cactus jewellery holder is great for even earrings.

Crazy plant lady mug
Plant Lady Mug

You’ve heard of the crazy cat lady, well say hello to crazy plant lady. They operate the same but replace a dozen kitties with plants and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift mug for your plant lover friend. 

Floral tapestry
Floral Tapestry

A tapestry is a great way to temporarily brighten up walls. This floral tapestry would be a great backdrop for potted indoor plants. The millennial plant lover will enjoy this gift, possibly hanging it in their living room or in their bedroom.

monstera leaf earrings
Plant Earrings

These Monstera leaf earrings are perfect for the fashionable plant lover. Not only are they simple and cute, with a minimalistic line drawing effect to the leaves, but they add a little bit of plant to your everyday outfit.

Artificial ivy vines
Artificial Vines

Getting real vines to grow indoors is tricky and not recommended, so treat your plant lover to some artificial ones. They can place them wherever they want without the worry of them overgrowing, as well as them being able to use them for aesthetic photographs. Making artificial vines a great gift.

cute succulent ceramic pot
Cute Plant Pots

Every indoor plant lover has at one point or another gotten a succulent or small cactus. Getting them some cute plant pots is a great way to show you noticed their smaller plants as well as being a great decorative gift.

Gold plated stainless steel watering can
Sleek Watering Can

Surprisingly, not everyone with plants has a watering can. If your plant lover doesn’t then a cute watering can is the perfect gift, practical and pretty. This sleek gold plated watering can would look great amongst the green of the plants as well as sitting on a shelf for display.

Watercolour plant poster prints
Plant Prints

Your plant lover may love these watercolour prints of different leaves. They are a simple but classy gift that can help brighten up a room. 

Boozy gardeners kit
Grow Your Own Cocktail Kit

If your indoor plant lover also likes gardening outside and a cheeky drink, this is the perfect gift. A grow your own cocktail kit will allow them to sew the seeds to a tasty drink later in the year. Which will no doubt taste twice as good as they grew some of it themselves!

Glass spray bottle
Vintage Spray Bottle

With succulents and cacti, a spritz of water is plenty of nourishment. So, getting your plant lover a gorgeous spray bottle as a gift would make them really appreciative and show you have an interest in their plant babies. This green glass bottle spray has an amazing vintage feel and would look really good on a shelf with other plant care items.

plant sprout badges
Plant Enamel Pin Badge

If your plant lover isn’t one for jewellery, getting them these cute sprout enamel pins will allow them to express they love plants in their fashion without it having to be earrings or a necklace. Even if they do wear jewellery, adding plants to their pin collection is a really nice gesture.

Plant embroidery starter kit
Plant Embroidery Kit

For the more creative plant lover, consider getting them a fun plant embroidery kit. With all the things you need to make 3 beautiful scenes, it’s the perfect gift to keep them busy outside of tending their plants.

Forget-me-not resin pendant
Plant Necklace

A gorgeous clear necklace with a real forget me not is a wonderful gift for anyone, especially a plant lover. Giving them a piece of nature to take with them forever is a thoughtful gesture and the beautiful heart pendant necklace is a beautiful gift.

Yates top 50 indoor plants
Indoor Plant Identification Book

And finally, the ultimate gift for a beginner indoor plant lover is a plant identification book. This book gives them a way to identify plants, whether they already own them or want to, and it gives them all the best tips on how to keep them alive.


Hopefully, this has helped you get something for your resident indoor plant lover. However, if you’re dealing with a girly girl, we have the gift guide for you. Check out our post, Gift Guide For The Girly Girl.

Gift guide for indoor plant lovers