Gift Guide For The Artist

Creative people will love creative gifts. Artists, in particular, may seem like they are hard to buy for. What do you get an artist? Pencils? Markers? Paints? Our gift guide for artistic people gives you some idea of fun things you can gift your creative friend.

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Gift Guide For The Artist

colour sheets watercolours

Viviva Colour Sheet Watercolours

The Viviva Colour sheets are the perfect gift for the on-the-go artist. They are a watercolour set with a difference. Instead of being in a bulky palette, the colours are on the sheets of the pad. All your artist needs to do, is to add water to activate the colours.

salvador dali clock

Salvador Dali Melting Clock

Every artist learns about the work of Salvador Dali in their life. Whether that’s in a year 8 art class or independently. The melting clock is instantly recognisable and would be a fun home accessory to an artist. This clock is small enough to hang off a shelf or table and not take up too much space.

derwent sketching wallet

Derwent Sketching Wallet

When it comes to things you can gift an artist, a travel-sized wallet of sketching pencils and a sketchpad to go with it is a great point to start. The Derwent sketching wallet has 13 different pencils, a sharpener, a rubber and an A5 sketchpad. It’s great for on-the-go artists.

painters palette

Painters Palette

If your resident artist uses paint as their main tool, getting them a paint palette would not go unappreciated. This wooden palette comes with 12 brushes and is perfect for all types of tube paints. It will give your creative friend the artist look with the handheld palette.

3d pen

3d Pen

Art is fun, and what’s more fun than art you can play with? A 3D pen `allows you to draw 3D items into existence and would be a fun gift for anyone creative. This pen allows you to control the temperature as well as pick how fast the “ink” comes out.

wacom tablet

Wacom Drawing Tablet

In an age of smartphones and laptops, artists are going digital. Wacom tablets are a great gift for a young artist looking to start doing digital art. The Wacom Intuos S comes with the tablet, a pen for the tablet, and a software download. Everything they need to get stuck into digital art.

sunprint paper

Solar Photography Kit

For photography artists getting them a sun printing kit would be good. It would give them a new way to print images into photos, just using the sun and the paper in the kit. It is a good starting point if you have an artist who wants to dabble in printing.

642 things to draw

642 Things To Draw

Like writers, artists get blocks too. 642 Thing To Draw gives the reader drawing ideas by giving space to draw a sketch or just doodle next to a prompt word.

Block printing kit

Block Printing Kit

When it comes to printing art, block printing is one of the most efficient ways to print if you want consistent images every time. So why not get your artistic person a block printing kit to experiment with. This lino cutting and printing kit comes with everything your resident artist needs from the block to the cutters and ink.

starry night umbrella

Starry Night Umbrella

Hidden art can be a fun surprise. This Starry Night umbrella is just that! On the outside, it’s just a plain dark umbrella, but when it’s opened up the person underneath can look up and see the famous painting on the inside of their umbrella.

copic markers

Copic Markers

Alcohol markers are the new fun thing for budding artists to use to colour their art. They’re popular because you can blend them like watercolours but keep the colours bright and saturated. Copic Markers are a great gift as they are some of the easiest ones to blend and use for marker artists.

ipad pro

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

Like the Wacom tablet, young artists are taking to using iPad pros for digital art, using the app Procreate and the additional Apple Pencil to create beautiful works of art. For artists not using it to draw, they can use it to find and trace reference images and photograph and edit their art.

polaroid printer

Polaroid Instant Photo Printer

When an artist takes an amazing reference image, they need to wait to get home to print it. But, with an instant photo printer, they can print it on the go and start working on their piece where they stand. The Polaroid ZIP mobile printer prints 2×3 photos on the go in full colour. Perfect for artists on-the-go.

We hope you have found a gift suited for your arty friend! If your resident artist is only little, why not have them try some of our DIY crafts for kids. Check out our post,  11 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make.

Gift guide for the creatives