Gift Guide For The Traveller

When it comes to buying a gift for a traveller it can be hard to know exactly what they want as they tend to come and go, and when they go, they may not take much with them. No fear, we have a list of fun things you can gift your wanderer that range from fully practical to helping them note down their fondest travel memory.

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Gift Guide For The Traveller

lifestraw filter bottle

Life Straw Filtered Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for your adventurous loved one. If They are prone to going on long hikes or travelling places where clean water isn’t always readily available, the LifeStraw filtered water bottle is the perfect gift. As they can use any source of water for drinking water without having to boil it before drinking.

aerolite holdall

Lightweight Carry On Bag

The Aerolite lightweight holdall is a great gift for the city hopper. For the traveller who prefers hotels rather than camping, this is a great gift for plane travelling as it is light and has a big packing capacity for your traveller.

scratch the world map

World Scratch-Off Map

Nothing documents travel better than a scratch-off map. Getting your world wanderer, a scratch-off map will allow them to show off all the places they have visited by scratching them off.

Digital Luggage scale

Digital Luggage Scale

This is a great practical gift. A digital scale is incredibly useful for a traveller as there are restrictions on how much you can bring onto a plane and gifting them one will help when they go off on their travels and if they buy stuff on their journey they can just check how much they have on the spot.

travel wallet

Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is a perfect gift for any traveller. This travel wallet can hold their passport, cards, boarding passes, and money. It’s compact and light so it can be easily tucked into a bag when doing day to day activities when your traveller is away, as well as looking sleek and stylish.

anker speaker

Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For the social traveller, having a portable speaker is great, as they can start a party wherever they are. The Anker SoundCore is a Bluetooth speaker that can last for 24 hours with one charge, which is great if there aren’t many opportunities for your traveller to charge their devices but still want to enjoy some music every now and then.

travel cocktail set

The Cocktail Box Co Cocktail Kit

Getting fun cocktails on planes can be costly, so why not kit out your traveller with this 4-piece cocktail set. With drinks like a Moscow Mule to a classic Gin and Tonic, these kits are compact and perfect for travel.

head torch


If your traveller is more of a camper or likes to travel around at night. Gifting them a headtorch could be a lifesaver. This Energizer headlamp has 3 settings that can come in handy for the night-time traveller.

steel bottle

Steel Water Bottle

A steel water bottle is a great addition to your traveller’s kit. This Caretta stainless steel bottle holds almost a litre of water and is completely leak-proof so your traveller can pack it inside a bag and not worry about spills. It is also insulated so it can be used to hold hot drinks through the day too.

sony compact camera


A camera is a great gift for those off on an adventure. You can capture the memories in both photographs and videos.

herschel travel amenity set

Herschel Travel Amenity Kit

For the traveller who likes comfort, getting them this Herschel travel amenity kit. The set includes a sleeping mask, travel pillow and slippers and comes in a range of sizes. Perfect for travellers of any age.

moleskine travel journal

Moleskine Travel Notebook

Another great way for your traveller to document their journeys is by using a travel notebook to note down what they did and what the weather was like. So why not gift them this Moleskine travel notebook? It’s compact but full of pages that they can document different things.

moleskine travel journal


We believe that every traveller should have a compass. Whether it’s for decoration to nod to the fact that they travel or if it’s for them to use on their travels. This vintage compass is encased in a rosewood box and is perfect for either use.

4 in 1 travel adapter

Flight 001 4 In 1 Adapter

And finally the best gift you could give to your traveller. An adapter. Often forgotten about but always necessary. This Flight adapter comes as 4 in one and they are all different colours, making it a super cute and fun adapter.


Hopefully, this has helped you figure out what to get your traveller. If you want to make giving gifts an activity, why not organise a secret Santa? For help organising a secret Santa, check out our post, How To Organise A Secret Santa.

Gift guide for the traveller