What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box (for women)

A Christmas Eve Box is the perfect collection of gifts to open on Christmas Eve. Usually it’s a time to settle down and get all snuggly for the big day ahead. So ideally we want our Christmas Eve Box to be around the theme of being cosy. 

Of course, if you celebrate Christmas Eve in a different way, feel free to create a theme around that particular feeling you want to evoke.

For this Christmas Eve Box gift guide, we are going to offer up some cosy gift ideas. This edition is for the women in your life. Most guides out there are for kids, but we think adult Christmas Eve Boxes should be a thing.

So if you need adult Christmas Eve Box ideas, we have for you covered! This is the ladies edit, and we’ll be back tomorrow with the men’s edit.

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Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Adults (ladies edit)

1. The box

First things first, how will you present the gifts on Christmas Eve? You have a few options:


For a rustic look choose a basket style with a choice of lining from a cream lining, festive red, or grey hamper style.



For a clean look opt for a gift box. There are loads to pick from including a simple brown kraft paper box, a purple magnetic box, Christmas themed decorative box,  or this Christmas gabled box.




Another great way to gift Christmas Eve presents is with a gift bag. Try these Christmas themed brown bags, Holly Bags, these extra large bags, or these red bags.


2. Something to wear

It’s always nice to have something fresh and new to wear on Christmas Eve. One of the obvious choices is a nice set of cosy pyjamas or nightwear. But also some lovely fluffy slippers or thick socks would fit the theme perfectly. 


stars pjs onesieplaid pjs


We adore these star filled pyjamas, grey pom pom onesie, classic plaid pj’s, or these fun pyjamas



Suede slippers Fluffy booties Chenille slippers

Nothing says winter like a fresh pair of cosy slippers. We like these suede mule slippers, or these fun faux fur booties, these adorable chenille ballerina slippers, some classic Ugg slippers, or these fluffy sliders



cashmere socks fair isle socks personalised socks

For extra luxuriousness gift some cashmere socks, or go for something novelty, or some fair isle socks, or personalised socks.

3. Something to eat

Because Christmas is all about eating and indulging in delicious things. Be thoughtful and pick out their favourite chocolate, candy, or snacks. 


Pick their favourite chocolate – we love lindt, maltesers, chocolate orange, and chocolate coins.


Pack them delicious sweets such as a selection of retro sweets, or some Christmas-themed pick’n’mix, or maybe some classic candy canes.

Crisps/Savoury Snacks

If your favourite lady likes more savoury snacks you could add to the gift box a Christmas cracker of pringles, tubs of mini cheddars and twiglets, classic american pretzels, or some fancy popcorn.

4. Something to drink

There’s two ways to go here – gift them something hot, warm, and comforting. Or offer them a booze-y drink of your choosing. Or be super decadent and do both! We love a booze-y hot chocolate on Christmas Eve.

Mulled Wine/Cider/Apple Juice

Get festive by including a mulled spice mix to make up some mulled wine, mulled cider, or even mulled apple juice depending on your preferences.

Hot Chocolate

Be decadent and gift some fancy hot chocolate, and go one further if you’re feeling super-fancy and get the velvetiser.


For the tea and coffee lovers, choose a nice quality tea, or indulgent coffee for the gift basket. Go one step further and add in some mini coffee syrups.

Mini Bottles

For the booze-y fans add in a miniature bottle of their favourite tipple such as lush Baileys, a cute gin, or tasty whisky

Full Size Bottles

Although if you want to go all out just pick up a full size bottle of something, extra points if it goes well with the hot chocolate or coffee that you also bought from above. We love Amaretto or Frangelico at this time of year.

5. Something festive

Christmas Eve is a wonderful time to make memories and start new traditions. Choose a festive-themed gift such as an ornament for the tree that they keep and treasure for future years to come. 

Tree Ornament

christmas star

Include a Christmas ornament such as this add your own photo star or a personalised bauble, or this stunning swarvowski ornament.


Because a Christmas stocking isn’t just for kids. These personalised stockings are cute. Or pick the stylish knitted stockings.


6. Something fun

Christmas Eve is a time for celebration and fun. We think it’s a good call to add something fun like a game, book, or movie to the gift collection. 


Games are a great way to add something fun to a Christmas Eve Box. We love the travel Monopoly game, Pass the Pigs, travel Uno, or mystery game Cluedo.

Or you could even pick a fun Christmas themed game such as The Best of Christmas game or Christmas Trivia


There are loads of great Christmas books out there (we wrote about some here) you could include Nigel Slater’s The Christmas Chronicles, or Wintering by Katherine May, or Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness.


Cosy up this Christmas Eve to watch a Christmas movie. There are so many now to choose from whether on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Or gift a DVD such as It’s A Wonderful Life, or Elf, or the classic White Christmas.

7. Wildcard

Get creative and include something different in your Christmas Eve Box for her. It could tie in with the cosy theme. Maybe it’s something personalised. Or maybe their favourite colour. It could be linked to their hobbies or passions. 

Personalised Gift

personalised snack pot gift

A lovely thoughtful addition to your Christmas Eve Box is something personalised such as this adorable snack pot.

Something Quirky

These Christmas Gonks are quite popular this year and make a nice quirky gift.

Something Cute

We adore this cute Christmas mug, it would make a welcome addition to any gift box.

Something Smelling Good

personalised candle

We adore a scented candle on Christmas Eve. It sets the mood and feels super cosy. Be thoughtful and get a personalised scented candle.


We hope that helps you figure out what to put in an adult Christmas Eve Box. We can’t wait to create ours this festive season. Enjoy putting together a thoughtful gift!