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This Christmas why not gift a family member or friend with everything comfy and cosy. Ranging from goodies like hot water bottles and slippers to fantastic quality Scandinavian Hygge Gift Boxes. This is our cosy gift guide.

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Winter warmer gifts

Fluffy Slippers
Photo by: Selfridges


This winter gift someone a pair of fluffy, comfy slippers. Whether they are a boot slipper, a slip-on slipper or a gimmick fluffy animal at the end of the slipper. They are sure to be a big hit as they will keep those feet lovely and warm this winter. 

Fluffy Socks
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Socks are a classic Christmas gift, especially in a Cosy Gift set, you can give fluffy socks or the classic Christmas novelty socks. Socks are a universal gift to give to another person, in a gift set you can choose specific socks to go with the gift if you are creating a theme, cosy does not have to be the sole theme of your gift hamper or set.

If it is a fluffy set, go with the extra fluffy socks, some with a pattern, some with an adorable bow on the back and some that are knee-high. Some socks can even have the added sentimental touch of being personalised, you can personalise the socks with their initials, or even a Christmas quote so they always have a fond memory of the socks and who they are from. 

Heated Socks
Photo by: Getting Personal

Heated socks

Heated socks are a great new form of comfort for your feet. They are that cosy gift that will keep your feet warm all the way through the festive winter period. By simply putting the socks in the microwave for the time state on the socks instructions, they are sure to keep your feet warm for hours on end.

Say goodbye to those cold feet, and gift someone with a pair so that this winter they don’t have to go cold, they can curl up watching a classic Christmas film, or reading a classic Christmas novel or the book they were given as a gift. 

Heated Toys
Photo by: Heat- Treats

Microwave huggables 

Microwavable cuddly toys are often filled with a form of a bead, or scented bead so that the toy themselves has that added a comforting feel. For kiddies or adults, this is a great cosy gift for those cold mornings and cold evenings, when they are tucked up in bed, a cuddly toy with a Christmas scent or calming scent will surely make them feel relaxed and cosy this Christmas. 

Fluffy Blanket
Photo by: Les Royal

Blankets (knitted and comfy)

Blankets are another great form of comfort when gifting someone with a Cosy Gift. Blankets keep the person you are gifting lovely and snug this Christmas. They can snuggle up with their blanket when watching their favourite Christmas Movie, or whilst playing games with family and friends in the cold winter evening.

Knitted blankets are perfect for keeping the person you are gifting warm, whilst also cool, with the knitted material it will insulate the heat, but also is a breathable material so that they won’t overheat too much. 

Photo by: Tipsy-Elves


Onesies are a fun gift to give someone that is appropriate for all the family – especially if they are matching onesies – and are sure to keep them warm throughout the Christmas period. Since it is the Christmas period, there is a vast variety of options, patterns, styles and materials you will find for onesies.

A classic and fun thing to do as families is to have matching onesies to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. However, if this is not part of your tradition, you could make it part of your tradition or gift someone with this so that it can become their new family tradition.

Photo by: Boots

Hot water bottles 

Hot water bottles are another cosy gift to give someone, especially if they have a comfy blanket to go with it. They can keep extra warm this Christmas with a hot water bottle. Hot water bottles come with a variety of different covers, some knitted and some similar to the blanket material, that is comfy and snug. Some are specifically Christmas related with their patterns, and classic Christmas characters so they have something Christmassy all year round. 

Hygge gifts

Cosy Night In Gift Box
Photo by: Hygge

Hygge Gift Boxes

Gift someone this Christmas with a Hygge Gift Box these are good quality gifts all in one. It comes with a mug, cocoa mixture, a NORSKA candle and a pair of cable knit socks with fluffy pom poms.

Rather than gifting someone with only one aspect of a cosy gift within this Cosy Gift Guide, why not get them the whole caboodle, to ensure that their Christmas this year is ultimately cosy and comfy. They also do a Christmas Eve Gift Box which includes, crafts, tea and treats!

Hygge Candle
Photo by: Hygge

Hygge Candles 

Hygge offers an array of candles, ranging from Christmas scents like Ginger Fig to candle holders. That way they can have a candle that is related to Christmas or you can gift them with a holder so that they are able to put whatever scented candle they wish in the holder. Keep the atmosphere comfortable this Christmas by gifting someone with a candle this Christmas. 

Hygge Stocking
Photo by: Hygge

Hygge Knitwear 

From hats, all the way down to socks, gift someone this Christmas with some classic Knitwear. Their knitwear is made from the best quality materials. Something to consider gifting someone is a Christmas Stocking. Hygge offer their traditional Christmas Red and White Stocking that you can put at the end of your bed or on the mantlepiece so Santa to leave his gifts for the whole family. 

Knitted Blanket
Photo by: Hygge

Hygge Bed and Bath

Hygge offer blankets and cushions, candles and diffusers and luxury hot water bottles. Meaning that this Christmas if you are looking to gift someone with a cosy gift, why not make it bed and bath related that way they can be comforted whilst relaxing in a bath and then in bed throughout the cool winter season. 

What would you add to this cosy gift guide?

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