Gift Guide For The Bookworm

In a world of technology, the bookworm is treasured. Whether it be a friend in love with literature or a child just getting into reading with a passion, we know and love bookworms. In this gift guide, we offer gifts that will aid them in their reading endeavours.

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Gift Guide For Your Favourite Bookworm

Van gogh painting bookmarks


Like shoes, bookmarks are something a keen reader can never have too many of. Making a bookmark, or 10, a great gift for a bookworm.

Book enamel pins

Book Pins

Enamel pins are a subtle gift that can hold a lot of meaning to the literary fan, especially when they are related to novels or have fun book references.

Book tote bag

Book Tote Bag

A tote bag is an essential and a gift that will get many uses. Whether it’s from buying books, taking them to and from a library or just day to day living the bookworm in your life will treasure a tote.

Book spine mug

Quirky Mug

When doing long reading sessions the bookworm tends to get thirsty. Gifting them a fun literary mug to keep by their side will go appreciated by your book lover. 

Reading lamp

Reading Lamp

Late-night read-a-thons are essential for bibliophiles. So, a reading lamp is a perfect gift! We love the idea of gifting a reading lamp because it will help a book lover keep reading. This is an especially good gift for kids so that they can read after dark without having to keep their room light on. This reading lamp is touch activated so its a fun gift for children too.

Novel Bookends


Most people have bookshelves and gifting a book lover some fun bookends will really boost their bookshelf. 

Grey sherpa fleece blanket


Reading in comfort is the best feeling. Being all wrapped up in a blanket as you explore a new world is a great experience. So getting your bookworm a blanket will help them get the ultimate comfort when reading.

personal library kit

Personal Library Kit

The Knock Knock personal library kit is a great gift for book lovers. It will allow them to keep track of books if they lend them to friends. Allowing their inner librarian to flourish.

black amazon kindle


For the book lover without space for a packed bookshelf, a Kindle is an amazing gift as it would allow them to have a library amount of books at their fingertips.

small red book journal

Book Journal

A book journal is a great gift to give to a book lover as it will allow them to document every book they have read. Helping them keep track of the books they have read, the books they loved and the ones they want to tell others to avoid. It’s a nifty gift that will be loved.

Book pendant necklace

Book Locket Necklace

Lockets are always a fun romantic gift. Especially for a historical novel fan. A book locket mixes that fun romantic feel with a thoughtfulness as your bibliophile can carry a little book on them wherever they go.

100 books to read scratch poster

Book Scratch-Off Poster

If you have a bookworm who needs a little help finding fun books to read, then gifting them a 100 book scratch poster is a great gift. Not only does it look cool on a wall but it will give them suggestions on what to read next.

writer playing cards

Genius Writer Playing Cards

Obviously no one reads all the time, so getting your book lover a pack of author playing cards they can use them to play games with friends and family whilst showing they are a literary fan at the same time. The pack of cards has 54 literary figures chosen from all time frames and backgrounds, a sure conversation starter for your bookworm as they play games.

adult colouring book

Adult Colouring Book

Sometimes bookworms just want to unwind and what better gift than a book they can colour in and follow an adventure at the same time. Adult colouring books are a fun addition to any book lovers shelf, especially when you can find a colouring book for just about every story told.

This has been our gift guide for the bookworm. Hopefully, you find something your book lover will cherish forever, or at least until next Christmas.


book worm gift guide


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