Most Memorable Christmas TV Moments

TV at Christmas time is always an exciting time. We get re-runs of our favourite TV shows and their specials and we even get those fun family films we love so much! But what are the most memorable Christmas TV moments of all time?

Gavin and Stacey

‘A Special Christmas Episode’ (2019)

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Group
Photo by: BBC

After ending the series in 2010, the cast and crew came back 9 years later to put on the ‘final’ episode of Gavin and Stacey. The episode follows the characters around 9 years after the final episode was aired in 2019 where Stacey was only pregnant and now Gavin and Stacey have 3 children. Though Smithy has been seeing a woman called Sonia and wants to propose, no one thinks it’s a good idea, especially Nessa. Nessa proposes to Smithy at the end of the episode admitting that she loves him and wants to marry him. This episode sent fans into a craze demanding a whole new season to find out what Smithy says to Nessa. Marking it as one of the most-watched TV moments of the decade. 

Vicar of Dibley Christmas

Season 4 Episode 1 (2004)

Vicar of Dibley 2004
Photo by: Unknown

The committee of the village Dibley put together a nativity that follows around the village. A pregnant Alice plays the Virgin Mary whilst heavily pregnant. During the nativity performance, she suddenly goes into labour. The committee all help Alice through her labour and deliver baby Geraldine in front of a crowd in the nativity manger. Fans fawned over the new baby that was born whilst telling the biblical tale of the baby Jesus. Making this episode a much-loved Christmas special.

Only Fools and Horses

Season 8 Episode 3 (1996)

Only Fools and Horses Millionaires
Photo by: Yahoo

Del Boy and Rodney come across an antique pocket watch in a storage room. They go to an auction as they believe it is a very rare brand of watch. They stand at the auction and watch as they hear and see how much the pocket watch is going for. The watch is sold for £6.2 million, making the pair millionaires. This much-loved episode made hearts fill with joy when Del boy and Rodney finally get to shower their loved ones with riches and more. 

Only Fools and Horses

Season 8 Episode 1 (1996)

Only Fools and Horses Batman and Robin
Photo by: BBC

Del and Rodney are going to a fancy dress party as Batman and Robin. Except now they don’t realise the party is now a wake. They turn up to the wake as Batman and Robin whilst everyone else is dressed in suits and formal wear. The two while dressed as Batman and Robin then chase a mugger through an alley and the fog to scare them away from mugging Councillor Murray. This TV moment had audiences laughing in stitches from the hilarity that was Del Boy and Rodney in Batman and Robin costumes. 

The Snowman


The Snowman
Photo by: Buzzfeed

The Walking in the Air scene was marked as one of the most popular and most-watched scenes to have been viewed in 1982 as the little boy and snowman fly/walk through the air on Christmas Eve. The story follows the little boy and his snowman one Christmas Eve when the Snowman comes to life and takes the little boy on a magical Christmas Eve adventure. The beautifully illustrated scene had viewers in awe with its stunning colours and music. Marking the song as one of the most-listened-to songs that Christmas. 

Wallace and Gromit:

The Wrong Trousers (1993) 

Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers
Photo by: Telegraph

This classic family fun-filled adventure with Wallace and Gromit in 1993 took place with a pair of wrong trousers and an evil penguin. Wallace and Gromit are struggling with money, Wallace lets one of the rooms in the house out to a penguin. Little does he know the penguin is a mastermind criminal planning to steal a diamond from a museum, using Wallace as a pawn by putting him in the wrong trousers and using him to steal the diamond whilst asleep. Gromit ends up being the hero of the day by capturing the penguin in a glass bottle during a hilarious moment of chasing the penguin on a toy train set that Gromit received for his birthday. Making this Wallance and Gromit special one for the memory books, who could ever forget Wallace, Gromit and the penguin replicating a train robbery scene throughout their house. 

Call the Midwife

Season 3 Episode 16 (2014) 

Call the Midwife
Photo by: Radio Times

Shelagh (Sister Bernadette) struggles over her decision to leave the convent and marry Dr Turner, though when his son Timothy is diagnosed with polio the wedding is called off. Ultimately Shelagh and Dr Turner’s wedding takes place, but the damage caused by the controlled detonation of the bomb advances the demolition of Nonnatus House. This shocking moment caused mouths to drop on Christmas Day 2014 as Shelagh got her wedding, however, the Nonnatus house was destroyed. Marking this as a bittersweet episode for all to watch. 

Doctor Who

‘Christmas Special’ (2005)

Doctor Who Christmas
Photo by: Doctor Who TV

This 60 minute Doctor Who special features the newly regenerated 10th doctor, David Tennant, who defeats killer Sycorax who are demanding the surrender of the human race or a third of humanity will be killed. This action-packed episode made everyone’s Christmas exciting and everyone at the edge of their seat as the Doctor fought off the Sycorax alongside his companion Rose.   

The Royle Family

Season 2 Episode 13 (1999)

Royle Family Christmas
Photo by: The Guardian

The family had just finished their big Christmas Day dinner and Barbara learns that her turkey wasn’t up to scratch. Dave bought Denise a mobile phone for when the baby is born. Antony leaves to go to Emma’s and Dave leaves to take Nana home, Denise goes upstairs and goes into labour in the bathroom and Jim tries to comfort her. Putting everyone into a tense moment as Denise is going into labour while everyone is out and she only has Jim to rely on. Christmas wouldn’t 

Downton Abbey

Season 3 Episode 9 (2012)

Downton Abbey Christmas
Photo by: Cosmopolitan

As Lady Mary returns early from Scotland, she goes into labour and delivers her healthy baby. Matthew soon joins her and meets his son and heir, they share a peaceful and happy moment together, but after he leaves to go back to Downton Abbey. However, while Matthew is on his drive back he is killed in a car accident. A heart-wrenching moment for fans across the globe as Matthew is killed in an episode aired on Christmas Day! Tough break for everyone that Christmas, not a dry eye in the room guaranteed. 

What is your most memorable Christmas TV moment?

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