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What is a Christmas Eve Box
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DIY Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas is an exciting, festive time of year for everyone! We spend all year long prepping, planning and buying gifts for our loved ones. As we’ve waited long enough for Christmas Day sometimes we just want one gift to open on Christmas Eve. This year, give someone you love a Christmas Eve Box with little gifts inside as a taster for Christmas Day.

We’ve listed some great gift ideas for you to put in these Christmas Eve Boxes. If the box is for a child, adult, a couple or even a pet, we’ve got you covered! We’ve even listed a few things you will need in order to make the actual box yourself, or if you choose to buy the box personalised for your receiver. 

What are Christmas Eve Boxes?

Christmas Eve Box for Couples
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Christmas Eve boxes are boxes or crates that are typically given to young children as a way to break up that built up anticipation of Christmas Day. 

In more recent years, however, Christmas Eve boxes have become widely popular with all generations. Boxes are now given to grandparents, couples, babies and even pets to open up and enjoy on Christmas Eve. 

What can you find in a Christmas Eve Box?

Gift Ideas for Christmas Eve Box
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You can typically find gifts that you would ordinarily put in a Christmas Stocking.

Typical Christmas gifts: 

  1. Small Gifts – Gifts you would find in a stocking like a Christmas coloured nail varnish, or a small toy 
  2. Activities – Games and Crafts that can be played or done on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
  3. Sweets / Snacks – To be munched on the night before 
  4. Pyjamas – To be worn the night before Christmas and potentially match everyone else’s so everyone is wearing matching pyjamas for Christmas Day photos!
  5. Books – To be read the night before Christmas, perhaps the book is Twas The Night Before Christmas 
  6. Movies – That can be watched the night before whilst enjoying the snacks/sweets or watched on Christmas Day

These gifts can be altered and changed depending on whom the gift is for.

Christmas Eve Boxes for Kids

Christmas Eve Box for Kids
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If you are making a Christmas Eve box for a child, this can be relatively easy as you just put whatever you would’ve loved to have seen in the box as a kid yourself. Though try not to go too crazy with the sweets and snacks, you still want them to go to sleep and actually eat the Christmas dinner you’ve prepared the next day. 

Gift ideas for a kids Christmas Eve Box: 

  1. Games
  2. Sweets / Cookies / Popcorn
  3. Pyjamas
  4. Slippers
  5. Cuddly Toy
  6. Crafts
  7. Christmas Movie
  8. Christmas Story
  9. Reindeer Food

All of these gifts would be perfect for a kids Christmas Eve box, as they will end up doing all the activities either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – so they won’t be asking when dinner is ready!

The kiddies also have some treats and snacks to enjoy whilst they watch their film or read their story while cuddling their soft toy.

They also have some reindeer food, that is either handmade by yourself or is a carrot, ready for them to leave out for Santa and Rudolph and his friends. You could put a carrot in the box for them to give to Rudolph and them some homemade food (suitable enough for a human or pet to eat) for Santa to give to the rest of the reindeer. 

Christmas Eve Boxes for Adults

Christmas Eve Box for Adults
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If you decide to make a Christmas Eve Box for an adult, whether that is your mother, father, sister, best friend, cousin or partner and are struggling with ideas for gifts look no further! You can have some fun with these Christmas Eve Boxes if it’s an all-adult Christmas, but we’re keeping this one family-friendly. 

Gift ideas for an Adult Christmas Eve Box:

  1. Games
  2. Treats / Snacks
  3. Mini Alcohol Drink
  4. Stocking 
  5. Scented Candle
  6. Mini bottle of aftershave/perfume 
  7. Pyjamas
  8. Christmas Bauble
  9. Mistletoe 
  10. Slippers
  11. Mug

All of these gift ideas are completely suitable for an adult who is 18 and over. Though if you want to give a teenage these gifts, just leave out the alcohol if they aren’t quite 18 yet. 

These gifts can be enjoyed by any adult on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. Games can be played Christmas Eve once the kiddies have gone off to bed to wait for Santa’s arrival or on Christmas Day. 

A Christmas Stocking of their very own to hang out on the fireplace or mantle, so that when they wake up little treats can be found. They can even enjoy their mini alcoholic drink the night before Santa comes as a pre-celebration for Christmas. 

Some aftershave/perfume so that their room and they themselves can smell great for Christmas Day. With a scented candle as well to help them relax before the big day.

While they have their scented candle burning they can snuggle into their comfy pyjamas, matching family ones or not, and their slippers as they wind down for the night. 

A mug could also be found so they can have their own mug when making their personalised Hot Chocolate. With mistletoe at their fingertips, they can spread the love around this Christmas by stealing kisses from loved ones. As well as finding a Christmas Bauble that they can either hang up on the tree or take home and put on their own as a keepsake. 

How to make your very own Christmas Eve Box

What You Will Need
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If you are making your own Christmas Eve Box you will need to purchase a few items in order to make your box or crate the best one yet!

What you will need: 

  1. A Cardboard box or a Wooden Crate which can be purchased at IKEA 
  2. Sandpaper – only if you are going to be painting a wooden crate, sand it down BEFORE painting
  3. Paint – any colour of your choice or a classic Christmas colour (red or green) and some White Gloss paint
  4. Decorations – stickers, a bauble, some ribbon (anything you want to add on as decoration)
  5. Stamps – snowflake stamps, star stamps even snowmen stamps 
  6. Wrapping Paper or Tissue Paper 
  7. Your Gifts

These are all the things you will need in order to make your Christmas Eve Box. Whatever kind of box you want to make whether it is a cardboard box wrapped in wrapping paper or painted or a wooden crate that you’ve painted and designed yourself is your decision. 

The possibilities for designs are endless! However, if you either don’t have the time, or you can’t decide on a solid design you can easily purchase a Christmas Eve Box online and personalise them yourself. Boxes can be found on Amazon, Etsy and other online gift stores. 

Bonus Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve Box for Pets
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If you want to make some more Christmas Eve Boxes for people, yet not sure who to make one for?

Christmas Eve Box ideas for others:

  1. Couples – put face masks and wine glasses in the box for them to enjoy on Christmas Eve or Day
  2. Baby’s First Christmas – you could put a bauble with their name and year they’re celebrating their first Christmas to keep forever
  3. Toddlers – a Christmas sippy cup could be found for them to use over the seasonal period
  4. Grandparents – you could bake them your favourite cookies they make you or their favourite treat to enjoy on Christmas Eve or Day
  5. Pets – you could buy them a new toy, some treats and other bits and bobs they’ll love

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to make your very own Christmas Eve Box for your loved ones this Christmas! Have fun making them and buying gifts for your loved ones to remember and keep their Christmas Eve box forever. 

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