What To Put in a Christmas Eve Box (for men)

Christmas Eve Box aren’t just for kids. It’s such a lovely tradition to gift a a box, basket, or bag of lovely presents on Christmas Eve. 

It’s such a lovely time to start get cosy and ready for the big day ahead. Christmas Eve just feels like the perfect time to start with sharing a little box of goodies to help set the mood.

A Christmas Eve Box can be themed around a feeling such as ‘cosy’, ‘comfort’, or ‘fun’. It could be themed around movies, hot chocolate, and pyjamas. It could be themed around this favourite Christmas activity, or festive movie. You really can get creative with what to put in your Christmas Eve Box. And the fact you are the one choosing what to put in the gift box, it makes it personal. Personalised gifts are so special!

We have already put together a long DIY Christmas Eve Box guide, and What to put in a Christmas Eve Box for women if you want more ideas and inspiration.

Below we have pulled together a few ideas specifically on what to put in a Christmas Eve Box for men. Hope you find something helpful!

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Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults (mens edit)

The Box

First of all, we want to choose how we are going to present the Christmas Eve Box to the men in our lives. You can chose from a few options, a basket, box, or bag in a variety of shapes and sizes. 


This large red lined basket is perfectly Christmas-themed, or opt for a lidded white basket that can be reused throughout the year, or lovely simple wooden basket.


Keep it simple with kraft paper cardboard box, or stylish with this burgundy box, or go for something like this festive box.


For an easy to carry option go for a gift bag such as this holly print bag, or these white and silver bags, these fun plaid bags, or 

Something to wear

pjs fair isle

A Christmas Eve Box is a great opportunity to buy fresh new pyjamas. We love these Tommy Hilfiger pyjamas, or these fair isle print pjs, or these Christmas pyjamas, or these fleece stag pyjamas.

We also think some new slippers are a good call. 

Or some fluffy socks.

Something to eat

It’s always nice to add something decadent to the Christmas Eve Box, go for something fun like chocolate coins, or chocolate brussels sprouts, or something more luxurious like Hotel Chocolat box, or the Lindt salted caramel truffles. We also love Tony’s Chocolonely.

Alternatively you could include some sweets or candy such as traditional candy canes, these retro sweets, or some gobstoppers.

Or go for something savoury such as gourmet popcorn, or pretzels, or some pork scratchings.

Something to drink

There is something lovely about getting all cosy on Christmas Eve with a hot beverage of your choice. So gift your favourite man with some luxurious hot chocolate, (try a white chocolate one for something different), or some fancy tea, or delicious coffee.

Of course, Christmas is the time for all things mulled. So you could add some mulled spices to make mulled wine, mulled cider, or mulled apple juice.

And if you’re in the mood for booze, you could add in some miniature bottles of whisky, rum, or gin

If you’re feeling generous you could even opt for some nice full size bottles of alcohol, choose something unusual and yummy such as frangelico, or chambord


Something festive

Pick something festive to set the Christmas Eve mood. Something like a festive mug is lovely.

Something fun

We think gifting games on Christmas Eve is a great way to set a fun tone for the evening. We love this Monopoly Deal Card Game, Uno Card Game, or the Classic Jenga.



We like to add something personal or different to the Christmas Eve Box. Scented candles are a great call for that cosy feeling.

personalised eye mask

Or something like this personalised silk eye mask


Hope this list has helped to find some gifts to add to your Christmas Eve Box for men. We also have a gift guide for women’s Chirstmas Eve Box. Plus an epic DIY Christmas Eve Box guide.