How To Make a Felt Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornament

There is something so enticing about crafting on a cold winter’s day. We love coming up with new DIY ideas for the festive season. Making your own Christmas decorations is a great way to personalise your festive decor, it’s a fun activity, and it’s something you can keep for years to come. 

We have come up with this craft for a hot chocolate felt ornament which can be hung on the Christmas tree, attached to small hooks on the wall or window, or perhaps around the mantlepiece or on a garland.

As big fans of drinking hot chocolate when the weather is cold we wanted to reflect that moment as an emblem on the Christmas tree. It’s a fun, quirky, and slightly different type of Christmas tree ornament. 

Hot Chocolate Christmas mug tutorial
Step by step for a cute little Christmas mug ornament

What You Will Need To Make Felt Hot Chocolate Ornament

Mug ornament items
Everything you need to create a cute hot cocoa mug ornament
  • Card or thick paper and a pen
  • Red felt
  • Brown felt
  • White felt
  • Scissors – fabric and paper
  • Glue
  • Thread for hanging the final ornament with

Where To Get Materials

When looking for where to find these materials the best place to check is your local craft shop. Hobbycraft – for our UK readers – sells packs of different coloured felt as well as all the other items you will need for this craft.

Hot Chocolate Felt Ornament Step By Step Tutorial

1. The Base

First step cup Christmas ornament
Draw out the mug shape you desire

To start with draw a mug shape on the card. This will be a base for all the felt you will use. The card is mainly to keep the structure of the final craft as well as giving you a hidden base to puncture later and thread the hanging string from.

Cutting out the red felt
Cut out the mug shape in the felt

2. Cut and glue the felt

Next, you need to cut out the red felt to the same shape as the card. It doesn’t matter if your felt cup shape is a little bit bigger than the card, you won’t be able to notice when looking at the final product.
Once you have cut out your felt, you just need to glue it down to the card.

If you have opted to use PVA glue for this craft, its best to let it dry until it’s tacky before you glue down the felt to the card. Otherwise, you will be waiting a while for it to dry.

Gluing the red felt onto card base
Glue down the felt onto the card

Tip: When cutting out the felt mug shape, it’s easier to not cut out the handle hole until after you have glued it to the card. It also helped to place the card down onto the felt because of how flimsy the felt is when you try to glue it down.

3. Decorative Touches

Cutting out decorative elements
Cut out all the bits you want to stick onto the mug for decoration

Whilst waiting for the glue to dry on the base, you can cut out your mug design elements. To do a Santa mug, you need to cut out some white felt to be the trimmings on Santa’s jacket. Next, you glue the white felt down.

To show the hot chocolate, you have to cut a thin wavy strip of the brown. This shows the hot chocolate dripping over the edge of the mug. This is glued onto the top edge on top of the mug on top of the white felt.

You can cut some small white circles to act as Santa’s buttons or use real buttons down the front of this fun craft.

The real skill comes in cutting the small parts, which can be very difficult with fabric sheers.

Depending on the size of the mug you choose to do you can get a lot of decorative pieces added onto it. You can totally customise the mug design, we just opted for a Santa design as it’s easy to follow.

Making a hole for the thread
pierce a small hole in the card and thread your string through the hole

4. Add the string

Finally, you make a small hole in the card and thread the string through it to make the hanging element of your ornament. When this is done you’ll have a finished DIY felt ornament.

And voila, your finished ornament

This has been a fun little tutorial on how to make a DIY felt Christmas ornament. Feel free to tell us how you do following along!

If you want to do some Christmas crafts with your children, check out our post 11 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make.

Happy crafting!

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