5 Gorgeous White Christmas Trees

A gorgeous white Christmas tree is something to look into this Christmas. I you’re looking for a chic and unique Christmas décor this Christmas opting for a white Christmas tree is a great starting point.

A white Christmas is that dream image we all have when winter rolls around and the festive season begins. But usually, we envision snow and icicles hanging from doorways. However, have you considered your tree bringing the white element to your Christmas?

A white tree can be used to brighten a room because white reflects light. Although it will be a cooler brightness, it’ll add a little winter chill to the room without it having to be cold.

Classic White Christmas Tree

White tree with blue decorations
Image by Linda Cimins

A plain white tree is a great addition to your Christmas décor. It is literally a blank canvas to you to add the colours you want to it when you decorate with tinsel, ribbons, hanging ornaments and so on. You can match the tree with white room décor to have a snowy feel inside your home, like a perfect winter wonderland. Blue decorations create a perfect wintery feel when you use them with a white tree. Evoking ice and snow when they are put together.

Iridescent Christmas Tree

Iridescent Christmas tree needles
Image from Target.com

A plain white tree is elegant and gorgeous but if you love a bit of sparkle, an iridescent white tree is a great option. From a distance, it will have a subtle sheen of colour but up close you can enjoy shimmers of pinks and yellows and blues amongst all the ornaments you choose to put on the tree.

Retro white christmas tree
Image from PMQforTwo.com

When decorating picking a theme is a good way to tie a room together. A white tree can work as a blank canvas for any colour you choose. You can make the room as bright and as colourful as you want or as cool and wintery as you want. You can use hanging ornaments to add colour or to set the rooms colour theme.

Pre-lit White Christmas Tree

Balsam hill white christmas tree
Image from Balsam Hill

Keeping the shape and style of a traditional artificial evergreen the Balsam Hill white pre-lit white Christmas tree is a good contender for your Christmas tree. This full branched tree has everything you would look for in an artificial tree, minus the typical green colour. Its pre-lit with golden lights to add some warmth to the white tree.

black and gold decorations white christmas tree
Image from Karaspartyideas.com

Ribbons are also a good decorating option. Any colour will shine on a white tree and ribbons are lesser used decorations at Christmas, usually delegated to presents and a Christingle. But they can add some elegance to your Christmas tree. Gold is a good compliment to white, and it gives the white tree a silvery look, which can make a tree look elegant amongst your living room decor.

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

Fibre Optic White Christmas tree
Image from Wayfair

If you want something a little bit cooler, why not opt for a fibre optic tree? Yes, this is a pre-lit tree but what sets it apart from the other trees is that the fibre optics come in fun and exciting colours. Whereas other white trees tend to have warm gold led lights. Fibre optic lights are also fun for the kids because when you touch the light it moves and draws little light patterns. When decorating with a fibre optic tree its always best to keep it simple as the lights are half the intrigue. But baubles and tinsel can be used to decorate.


Table Top White tree

Tabletop white tree
Image from Better Homes and Gardens

For those of us that need to save a little space, a tabletop Christmas tree is perfect. A white tree will brighten up the area your table is in and lift the rooms spirit as well as being petite and cute. Can be decorated with cotton wool balls like little snowballs hanging off the snowy coloured tree. You can also use smaller baubles or hanging ornaments to decorate with.

For some ideas on how to decorate a white tree, look into gold decorations to offset the coolness of the white. To see some ideas of gold decorations check out our post, Gold Christmas Tree Decor Ideas.

Maybe this year white is the new green when it comes to your Christmas tree. It would definitely add a bit of glamour to your home if you are looking to step away from the traditional decor this year.

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