Natural Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations traditionally come from the natural world. For centuries people would use elements of nature to bring indoors and liven up the home.

At a time when in the northern hemisphere, the days are short and cold with very little life, finding what you can in nature is the perfect way to bring soul to the home.

It is thought that before Christmas became a Christian holiday, the pagans of Europe would celebrate the winter solstice by bringing in branches of holly, mistletoe, and berries to symbolise life and growth in the darkest of days.

However the traditions came to us, we think it’s beautiful to appreciate nature at the darkest time of year. It looks stunning in the home and adds that cosy rustic vibe so many of us love.

We have put together a list of natural Christmas decorations that you either find in nature in your local area, or you can source online or in stores.  Some of our decorations include crafts you can make for yourself at home. Others are simply ways to spruce up your Christmas decor.


Natural Christmas Decorations

Branches and berries

Forage for evergreen branches or clusters of berries such as firs or holly. Use this drape over the mantelpiece, through bannisters, or along the centre of your table.

Arranged fire logs

Collect old firewood, or chop up an old tree and branches, and create an arrange pile of fire logs in the corner of the room or next to a fireplace.

Birch Logs

Silver birches logs are stunning with their while silvery crackled layers of bark. They look wonderful piled up together by the fireplace or front door. We like to gather them together in a large wicker basket and drape with tiny string lights.

Orange Pomanders

Orange and Clove Pomander Balls

Take a large orange, score all over, and insert whole cloves into each hole. Attach a ribbon, or display several of them in a large bowl as a centrepiece on a table, or maybe on the entryway sideboard.

Dried Orange Garland

We love drying out orange slices low and slow in the oven then stringing them together to form a dried orange garland. We usually hang this on the mantelpiece, along bookshelves, or over the sideboard.

Candles with Evergreen and Pinecones

Decorate plain church style candles with evergreen foliage and foraged pinecones for beautiful decorations for the table and display units.

Bark Candles

Forage old bark, give it a little clean, and attach it around edges of a simple candle for a dramatic natural effect.

Pine Cone Wreath

There are many different styles of wreaths to make, Pinterest is full of them. We love the idea of a pine cone wreath with foraged pine cones. Finish off with a bright red ribbon for flourish.

Evergreen Wreath

Another great Christmas wreath option is to gather evergreen foliage and branches to make an all green evergreen wreath to attach to your front door.

Evergreen Branches

One of the simplest yet striking ways to decorate your home with natural decorations is to gather evergreen branches to drape around furniture, bannisters, stairways, tables, and doorways.

Cinnamon Stick Bundles

Tie together bunches of cinnamon sticks with natural string and use as Christmas tree ornaments. Tie them to your garlands or wreaths. Or even place artfully as a decor vignette.

Bunches of Herbs

Another fragrant option is to tie together large bunches of fresh hardy herbs to hang around the home or kitchen. We like to pull together rosemary, sage, and thyme. They bring loads of fresh smells to the house and that feeling of cosiness.

Berry Centrepiece

Winter berries are synonymous with Christmas decorations. This is the season when they are at their best with the range of red and white colours.  String some berries together to create a stunning table centrepiece. Alternatively use a glue gun to hold them together in a horizontal wreath shape.

We hope you enjoy bringing some of the outdoors into your home this winter. Enjoy your natural Christmas decorations.

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