9 Christmas Wreaths Ideas

Walking down a suburban street there is one key decoration to look out for, Christmas wreaths. Typically, an arrangement of flowers and leaves fastened in a ring and hung up on the door. Always beautiful. Here is an inspirational guide to Christmas wreaths, from fresh Christmas wreaths to advent wreaths.

Fresh Christmas Wreaths

Have you considered putting fruits on a wreath? Some well-placed small green apples or some bold oranges or even bunched of winter berries could really liven up a wreath and give it a fresh feel.

Fresh apple wreath
Image from Gale Chapman via Pinterest

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Name a more fun festive DIY project than making your own Christmas wreaths? To make your own you will need a base, whether it’s premade or some tough wire pulled into a circle, it’s up to you, although keep in mind the thicker the base, the more leaves you will need to cover it. Some florist wire to secure the leaves and other plants or pinecones you would like to tie together. And wire cutters, to cut the wires to size.

Then all you have to do is position your leaves and or holly and secure them by wrapping the wire to an end. Just repeal that over the showing wire until the whole base is covered. Next using smaller cuttings of wire, secure the extra decorative bits amongst the leaves until you are happy with how it looks.

To secure it to your front door, just attach a loop of ribbon and you are good to go.

We love this minimalist DIY Christmas hoop wreath tutorial.

minimalist christmas wreath
Photo – Allisa Jacobs

Advent Wreath

For an advent wreath, you would want something a little smaller than the typical door wreaths. It would also need you to have candle holders in the wreath to place the advent candles. Whether that is one big candle in the centre or four smaller ones amongst the leaves and flowers.

Advent wreath
Image from The Simple Proof

Floral Wreath

There are two options for a floral wreath. Either a traditional wreath with dried or live flowers weaved in, which is probably what you had in mind. Or, attach flowers onto a base to create the wreath out of flowers – these can be real or fake.

dried tulip flower wreath
Image from Livingathome.de

Winter Wreath

Although wreaths in nature are associated with winter, to get a proper winter feel why not go for a white and silver wreath? The look would make it all the more wintery as the colours would evoke the sight of snow.

Snowy evergreen wreath
Image from Jayleen Door

Pinecone Wreath

Whether its pine cones dotted into an evergreen wreath or layered rounds of pine cones on a base of their own to make a wreath out of them, they can give your front door a winter feel.

Pinecone wreath
Image from notonthehighstreet.com

Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath

If you’re one for having lights around your home during the holidays, a pre-lit Christmas wreath might be a good option for you. And if you want, you can get sets with matching light-up Christmas garlands to hang around your door or a fence to bring the look together. With light-up wreaths, they would be artificial so that is something to consider.

Pre lit christmas wreath
Image from Jackstonehouse.com

Twig Wreath

For a more rustic look, a twig wreath may be the way to go. It is a simpler design but still has a big impact. Although twigs may be the base you can add some evergreen leaves and pinecones and you can customise with string lights and glitter if you please.

Evergreen twig wreath
Image from Charis White Interiors

Holly Wreath

When you think of Christmas wreaths you might immediately visualise a holly wreath, given it’s the kind they put on Christmas cards. Holly wreaths, although a little prickly, have a wonderful Christmas feel and would be a good addition to your front door.

Traditional Holly wreath
Image from museumcollection.co.uk

Evergreen Wreath

On the flipside to the holly wreath, you have the evergreen wreath. These are typically the ones you see decorated with flowers and pinecones. Made primarily with fir branches these have a traditional feel, as they bring a bit of the Christmas tree to your front door.

Fresh orange and berry Wreath
Image from Filiz Siskolata via Pinterest

When it comes to decorating at Christmas it is all about your style, so hopefully, we have inspired you to add a Christmas wreath to your front door as they come in so many different styles. And if you can’t find one you like, they are easy to DIY.

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