Artificial Christmas Trees Guide

Whether it’s the cost or the choice in design, artificial Christmas trees may just be your best option. Ranging from hundreds of pounds to just a tenner, we’ll go through all the things you need to think about when purchasing artificial Christmas trees. Because we all know, no matter the theme you choose to go with for your decor, the tree makes it!

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Best time to buy artificial Christmas tree

Post-Christmas is the best time to buy artificial Christmas trees. The January sales will be trying to get rid of all the trees in stock so not only will you have a good selection. You will also get a good price for your tree, which you can display the next Christmas. Saving you the worry of having to find one nearer the date.

Some may say that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to get a tree and this would be a good time if you need one ASAP. But you won’t get the calm shopping experience that you would in January.

Most realistic artificial Christmas tree

With artificial trees cost usually correlates to the level of realism you will get. Some of the most realistic trees you’ll find, like the Fraser Fir by Hammacher Schlemmer, can be up to nearly £400.

Of course, there are some beautiful ones that are a lot less in cost. For example, the Nordmann Fir by Balsam Hill, which is £129.

Nordmann Fir Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas tree
Nordmann Fir Balsam Hill Artificial Christmas tree | photo from Balsam hill

For a more budget-friendly but still beautiful and realistic tree, you can look to Next, their trees starting at £55.  There are also many great options from Argos ranging from £15 to £30.

What size artificial Christmas tree do I need?

A good rule of thumb when picking a size for when you buy an artificial Christmas tree is to allow 6 inches from the top of the tree to your ceiling. Standard UK living rooms are around 8 foot from the floor to the ceiling, so a 7-foot tree is a good fit.

But you must also consider the space you have around the room. If you have a spacious room a big tree is fine. Since the taller, the wider the bottom of the tree will be. But if you have a more cramped room it may be better to get a smaller tree, around 4-foot or 5-foot tree. This will leave you with more room space.

Say you live in a small flat, you may want to consider a tabletop tree to free up floor space. These trees are much cheaper but will still add that Christmas spark to your living space.

How many tips should be on an artificial Christmas tree?

You should go for a tree with a high tip count. That way the tree will look fuller, as the tips are the ‘needles’ on the artificial tree. Another thing to look out for is the type of tips.

Types of Artificial Christmas Tree Tips

There are two types of tree tips – PVE and PE.

PE tips are moulded and look more realistic but this process of making them makes them more expensive. PVC tipped trees are much cheaper as they are cut to look like needles instead of being moulded. So, for this choice, it is very much based on the look you want for your tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree Tips
Artificial Christmas Tree Tips

How long do artificial Christmas trees last?

They last a fair amount of time if kept properly. They could last a lifetime if they are good quality and well looked after.

The environmental organisation Friends of the Earth have said if you have a fake tree you should keep using it to make it last as long as possible to make it an eco-friendly choice.

Unlit vs Prelit artificial tree?

This may be a difficult choice when choosing an artificial tree, because on one hand stringing the lights onto the tree may be part of your Christmas tradition. Unlit trees also have a more traditional look to them, if that’s what you are going for with your decorations.

But on the other, picking a prelit artificial tree will save you time and it would help save a few extra pounds on lights when it comes to buying the rest of your tree decorations. Another upside of prelit trees is that you can get fibre optic Christmas trees. With trees like this, you can’t even tell there are lights until the tree is lit, and even then it looks like the light is coming from the needles.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some useful tips that will help when you go to buy your next artificial Christmas tree. Maybe next time you go shopping you will take notice of things like tip counts or if the tree is prelit or not.


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