Gold Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Gold Christmas tree decor is a great way to embrace the metallic tones this year.  This Christmas decorate your Real or Artificial Christmas Tree in all things gold! You can either have a completely golden theme or mix it up and have red and gold or white and gold. 

Golden Themes

Gold Christmas Tree
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The traditional red and gold is a favourite by most households as the colours gold and red are colours that symbolise fire – warmth – which is what we need to stay cosy and warm throughout the cold winter season.  

The colours are also a symbol of one of the presents that were given to the Baby Jesus (Gold), it is also the colour of the star that led the Three Wise Men to the Baby Jesus.

White and gold represent the purity and peace within cultures – as well as white representing the colour of snow something very Christmassy! While gold can represent wealth and good health. 

When it comes to decorating your tree with golden decorations, we can often find ourselves going a little crazy with the number of decorations we add. Switching up the variety in decoration will give your Christmas tree a well thought out, chic look to it. 

Gold Baubles

Gold Christmas Decor Ideas
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When decorating your Christmas tree with baubles you can choose metallic, shiny gold Christmas baubles or matte golden baubles. It is a matter of personal preference. However, if you have the chance and option of having both, add both onto the tree. Mix and match the metallic with the matte gold baubles, this will add more texture to your tree as well as variety in colours of gold. 

You could even get glitter gold baubles, these will shine and reflect the light from your Christmas lights all around the room, as though twinkling stars are in your home.  

It is the same with the white or red baubles, these can be matte or metallic or even glittery, as they will add to the variety within textures and colours on the Christmas tree. Making your tree a spectacle. 

Although, if you want the gold to stand out more, make the golden decorations more on the extravagant side by this we mean if you have glittery gold baubles don’t put any red or white glittery baubles up, that way the gold will stand out more.

Hanging Ornaments
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There are a vast amount of different hanging ornaments you can put on your Christmas tree. Some could be family ornaments passed down through generations and some could be brand new to your collection. 

Having a gold theme helps narrow down what you want on your tree by seeing what sort of ornaments you have available. Much like the baubles, add a mix and match of gold and red or white to your tree, however, make sure the more extravagant, unique ornaments are red or white with different textures.

Whereas the smaller and more dainty ornaments are gold, that way you have your pop of colour with the red and white, while the gold is more hidden so to say so you have to look for them and appreciate them more. 

Or, if you still want the gold to be the main focus of the tree, have only gold baubles, in the different textures and varieties and only put up red or white hanging ornaments, that way all the ornaments are admired and nothing is missed. 

Tinsel / Popcorn garland 

Popcorn Garlands
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To add more texture to your Christmas Tree add tinsel or popcorn garlands, or even both if you are feeling adventurous. Golden tinsel will add the same effect as the gold bauble with your Christmas lights, the light will reflect off of your tinsel and create the effect of twinkling lights all around the room. At the same time as adding more texture to your tree, making it look realistic and 3D rather than flat and 2D. 

The popcorn garland adds the same effect of texture, as well as it being a great DIY task for the family to do together when decorating your tree!


Yellow Christmas Lights
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Most people in recent years have opted for the ice white Christmas lights, rather than the warm, yellow/golden lights. If you are doing a golden theme with gold Christmas tree decor, go for the yellow/gold Christmas lights. These lights will compliment your decorations perfectly, adding that warm feel to your tree. The lights will add a glowing feel to the tree rather than the harsh ice white lights that will not compliment your decorations as well. 

That does not mean to say that the ice white lights are a bad choice, it is just a matter of aesthetic. You may choose to add the white lights, as they will make the decorations stand out that little bit more and make the contrast to the rest of your decorations. 

Christmas Tree Toppers

Gold Star Christmas Topper
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The most popular Christmas tree toppers would have to be a Christmas Tree Angel and a Christmas Tree Star. This is due to the tradition and story of the Birth of Christ. The Three Wise Men were guided by the Star in the sky and the Angel Gabriel. Both symbols of guidance to the Baby Jesus. 

Once again, it is a complete matter of personal preference what you put on top of your tree, it may not even be a star or angel but it is completely your choice. However, if you do put an angel or star, make them golden. Unless they too are a family heirloom then don’t add to it or change it, keep the tradition going if you so wish. 

The Gold Star and Angel act like the icing on a cake but with your Christmas Tree. It is the centrepiece of the tree if you will as it stands alone and proud at the top of the tree marking its status. A gold star reflects the lights for all around the room creating a glowing effect as well as a reflection of the light that yet again makes the room look as though there are stars all around – if your star is reflective. 

The Angel normally wears a white dress and then has golden decor and accessories covering it. Standing tall and proud as family and friends gather around the tree admiring the decorations. 

Gold Christmas Tree Accessories 

Gold Christmas Tree Stand
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For that extra golden touch to your Christmas tree, you could add a golden Christmas Tree stand for your Real Christmas tree so that every inch of the tree features that splash of gold. Or you could even go for a gold Christmas Tree mat to go with either your artificial tree or real Christmas tree. 

Meaning when you gather around the tree on Christmas morning and see the presents they are sitting on top of a gold mat waiting to be opened, with a gold stand holding your tree sturdy, then once all the presents have gone, you still have decorations covering every inch of the tree. 

Gold Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

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