25 Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

There is a wonderful air of romance in the winter. Something about it being cold makes us want to get cosy with our significant other. Something about the lights, the decorations, log fires, and steaming hot drinks. Christmas is the season to get romantic. So here are 25 Christmas date ideas because Christmas is the perfect season for date nights and trying new activities.

How can I be romantic at Christmas?

‘Tis the season to be jolly and the holiday season lends itself for fun winter dates. From activities you can do from home to glamorous couples’ getaways, there are so many things you can do. But the most important thing to keep in mind is your partner. Keep them in mind when planning out romantic activities, because like gift-giving at Christmas, you will want to be thoughtful and create a date both you and you partner will enjoy.

Christmas market
Christmas market

Christmas Date Ideas

Visit a Christmas market

The Christmas market can be found everywhere now. But a fun Christmas date would be to explore a few different markets. So go and buy yourself a few trinkets and enjoy the atmosphere of the German-inspired tradition.

Go to a Christmas tree farm

Even if you have your tree up and decorated. It’s always fun to go to a Christmas tree farm. Spend some time walking around and admiring the trees and in some farms they let you go through the netting machine, which could make for some fun and memorable photos.

Drive around town looking at all the decorations

It’s always fun to see the twinkling lights as you pass through a neighbourhood. So why not make an evening out of it? Cruise through all the different areas of town and just admire the decorations with the person you love the most.

Get hot chocolate together – try all the different Christmas flavours

Like bar hopping, a fun Christmas date could be cafe hopping. Trying each cafes’ hot chocolate until you burst. This would be incredibly fun as most coffee shops have their own special Christmas flavours each year.

Go Christmas present shopping together

This is a good practical date. Spending time with the person you love and buying gifts for everyone else in your life. This is also a good way to scope out what your partner wants if you don’t already have an idea of what to get them.

Winter Date Ideas

Go to an ice bar

They are hard to come by but a amazing experience. Be sure to wrap up warm before heading to one as they are a little chilly.

Going to garden centres

Grab a hot cocoa on your way to the garden centre before looking around at all the Christmas trees and other plants they have on offer. This would definitely get you in the mood to decorate.

Visit winter wonderland

The annual Christmas extravaganza is held in Hyde Park London from November through December. It is the perfect day out if you’re looking for a fun experience as you can do a host of activities when you visit. For example, ice sculpting.

Ice skating

This is the perfect first date, even better if you can do it an outdoor ice rink with a spectacular backdrop – we’re thinking the Rockerfeller Centre in New York or Somerset House in London. It’s the perfect opportunity to hold hands whilst showing off your skating skills (or not!).

Visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour

A magical day out in London, exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Perfect for couples seeking a little mystical adventure during the holiday season. Hogwarts in the Snow is a great way to see the Harry Potter Studio sets all dressed up for Christmas.


couple baking at christmas
Couple baking at Christmas


Christmas Date Night Ideas

Bake together

What’s better than a house that smells of warm sugar cookies or delicious cakes? Not only will baking make your house smell amazing, but you and your partner can also enjoy snacks you’ve baked together as soon as they are done.

Decorate gingerbread goods

Whether you choose to decorate gingerbread people or gingerbread houses, why not make it an activity you and your partner do? Maybe even make it into a decorating contest, the winner gets more cookies.

Make winter cocktails together

If drinks are your thing, then this will be the perfect date night. All you need is you, your partner and some creativity. Recreating or making up drinks would be a fun activity for a special night in.

Why not try our Apple Cider Mojito?

Decorate together

‘Tis the season to put up decorations. Whether that’s just a tree or decking out your whole house, this would be a fun date night. Whilst you decorate you could exchange a tree decoration for that special touch.

Christmas movie marathon

Who doesn’t love a good movie marathon? With years of Hollywood and Hallmark Christmas movies at your disposal a movie marathon date night may be the best in-home activity.

Dublin at Christmas
Image from The Irish Sun

Christmas Getaway Ideas


Go and experience a traditional German Christmas market in Germany. You have probably been to a local one but a great holiday trip away would be Germany, as no one does a Christmas market like them. Famous markets in Germany include Nuremberg, Cologne, Berlin, Dresden, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt. 

More on German Christmas traditions here.


From a couples bar crawl to carolling at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin has it all. Dubbed one of the best places to visit during Christmas, so why not check out why with your partner.

New York 

A trip to the Big Apple during the festive season may be the way forward. From visiting the Rockefeller Plaza and seeing all the decorations to staying until New Years to attend the Jingle Bell Ball. New York is a perfect romantic, festive getaway.

Lapland Finland 

Lapland is the ultimate Christmas getaway. As well as being situated in beautiful Finland it is said to be the home of Santa. Although you may prefer to go skiing instead of telling Santa what you want from Christmas, or you can do both!


A trip to Scotland will let you sit up and enjoy the Northern Lights and if you’re about on the 1st of December, you can witness the Santa Claus fun run through the streets of Edinburgh.

Romantic Things To Do

Spa day

You and your partner could book a spa day. Spend a day together being pampered. Or, you could DIY one at home. Light some candles and get out the face masks and scented oils for a romantic day in.

Make dinner together

Nothing screams romance more than working as a unit to create the perfect dinner. Whether it’s one of our Christmas recipes or your a favourite meal, cooking together is a wonderful experience.

Exchange small gifts leading up to Christmas

You may have a big gift waiting under the tree but have you considered doing a small 12 days of Christmas gift-giving activity where every day you give your partner something small in the lead up to their big gift. These small items could be related to the main present, like clues in a guessing game. Or they could be completely unrelated. Either way, it’s incredibly cute.

Walks around lakes

This simple activity is wholly romantic. A morning or evening walk around a glistening lake could open up opportunities for deep conversation whilst you look out on the water. 

Make a holiday bucket list

This is a wonderfully intimate and thoughtful activity. Write a holiday bucket list with your partner on all the festive things you want to do this year. Making and completing lists is satisfying so imagine the pair of you completing a Christmas bucket list together. You could put things like, eat a candy cane, or wrap 10 presents on the list. 

Hopefully, this has given you some romantic Christmas date ideas. Or at least a jumping-off point for ideas of activities you could do this holiday season with your loved one.

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