11 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make

We love Christmas crafts here at Christmasphere HQ. The Christmas season is a time for everyone to be jolly and merry, especially for children. The excitement of Christmas Day, Santa coming and leaving his gifts for everyone and of course, turning your home into a Christmas Wonderland.

The little ones can help out this Christmas by making their very own Christmas Craft Decorations. Crafts that are easy, free and affordable. Not to mention eco-friendly. 

11 Christmas Crafts For Kids To Make

Cupcake Christmas Trees

Cupcake Case Christmas Tree
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This Christmas use cupcake cases to make your very own miniature Christmas Trees.

All you will need is some glue and your chosen Christmas Cupcake cases and you will have your Cupcake Christmas Trees! 

By simply folding the cupcake cases in half and then in half again, it should make a cone shape (similar to a shape of a Christmas Tree layer) and repeat at least 3 times with 3 cupcake cases so you have your tree. 

They are a simple and easy way of adding that homemade touch to your Christmas displays. 

Lolly Stick Ornaments / Puppets

Lolly Stick Ornaments
Photo by: theresourcefulmama

Using lollypop sticks as puppets and ornaments are a great way for letting kids create their own Christmas characters. Doing this even gives them the chance to create performances with their new Christmas puppets. 

Or better yet, you can hang them up on your Christmas Tree as homemade ornaments that can be used every year and a sentimental keepsake to look back on. 

Personalised Ornaments

Handprint Bauble
Photo – I Can Teach My Child

Go sentimental this Christmas by having the kids make their very own Christmas Bauble. Using paint, or pens, googly eyes and glitter they can create their personal ornament to be hung on the Christmas tree. 

One tradition when it comes to personalised ornaments is handprint and footprint baubles. This is most popular with babies and their first Christmas. It’s a very sweet way to remember how small your little ones once were as they continue to grow each Christmas. 

Pasta Wreath

Pasta Wreath
Photo – Crafty Morning

If you have Farfalle pasta or ‘bow tie pasta’ they can make a Christmas Wreath. By sticking the pasta down on a piece of card or paper they can make Christmas Cards or decorations with Christmas Wreaths on them. 

By simply painting the pasta green and adding some glue and glitter, a beautiful handmade Christmas Wreath is made. 

Reindeer Handprint 

Handprint Reindeer
Photo by: freshideen

Go personal again by having your child paint their hand (supervised as we know that the excitement of paint on hands can be a lot for a child) and place it on a piece of paper or card their handprint will be left behind. From there, let the paint dry before adding eyes, a red nose and antlers, as they will have made a reindeer from just their handprint. Cool right! 

If you want to go all out with the Reindeer, paint the other hand (once the other one is also washed) and repeat the step but reverse the handprint so one is upside down and the other one is upright, making a body and head of a reindeer. 

Beaded Candy Canes

Beaded Candy Canes
Photo – Fireflies and Mud Pies

If you have beads and pipe cleaners, this is a great crafting activity for your kids to do that will keep them busy. Curling the bottom of the pipe cleaner up so that no beads can fall off, will help the security of this ornament. Then just add the beads to the pipe cleaner, as they get closer to the top of the pipe cleaner, they should curl the pipe cleaner into a cane-like shape and continue to add beads until the end and once again curl the end so now beads fall off. You can use the traditional red and white for the Candy Canes, or use any colours that you have available to make the Candy Canes personal to your children. 

Paper Chain Garlands

Colourful Paperchains
Photo – Pretty Life Girls

Something we all learnt how to make as children but a timeless decoration especially for Christmas time. Cutting up multiple strips of paper in a variety of colours will give the children the space to create a pattern that they want. These can be hung up around the house, or on your tree. These are a fantastic decoration for children to make as they are so easy to make and look great once hung up for all to see. 

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pinecone Christmas Tree
Photo by: pjsandpaint

How lovely is this Christmas craft? When on your winter walk pick up some pinecones along the way and take them home for the kiddies to paint green and decorate however they want to make their very own natural Christmas trees. Their mini Christmas Trees can be used as part of your table decorations, placed around the house or used as part of a scavenger hunt game, the use of them is unlimited.

Toilet Roll Snowmen

Toilet Roll Snowmen
Photo by: frugalmomeh

Use your cardboard toilet rolls (once you’ve used all the toilet roll, no wasting!) and paint them white. Once they’re dry draw or paint on some eyes, nose and coal and even a scarf! You can add pipe cleaners for arms and even make ear muffs just by bending and twisting the pipe cleaners, adding small pompoms to resemble ear muff then stick them on with some glue. 

You would then have your very own snowman display made by your kids.

Snowman Tea Light Ornaments

Snowman Tea Lights
Photo by: funfamilycrafts

If you have LED tea lights, why not get the kids to make mini snowmen out of them. By using sharpies or any kind of felt tip pen, you can draw on eyes, a mouth and add a little paper cut out hat. If the kiddies seem to struggle with making or cutting out the hat, templates are easily accessible, or you can draw out some templates for them, and monitor them when using scissors if they are small children. 

Paper Snowflakes

 Paper Snowflakes
Photo – One Dog Woof

A classic decoration, all you need is a bowl, a piece of paper and some scissors. By drawing around the bowl, then cutting out the circle shape you fold it in half until you have the desired size you want. From there the kiddies can cut shapes on the edges of the sides so that when the snowflake is opened their snowflake has their cut out designs all over. 

Hopefully, these free Christmas crafts inspire you and your children this Christmas to decorate your home and tree with memories!

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