9 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

As a plethora of gift giving times approach why not explore some environmentally friendly options for wrapping. We think now is the best time to consider eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping.

The main thing to remember with this post is that it focuses mainly on the three R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle. Making do with what you have already before even considering buying wrapping paper, which most of which you can’t recycle because of glitter or foil on the design.

eco friendly christmas gift wrapping
Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping

Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping

1. Newspaper

We all have access to newspaper. Whether they’re pushed through your letterbox every morning or you grab one on the way to work. Why not get a second use when you’re done by using the large pages as wrapping paper!

These are perfect because there’s many pages and if you’re wrapping something big, you can overlap pages easily and if its small no problem, just cut a bit of the paper you find interesting or you can relate to the recipient and use that.

2. Old book pages

In this age of kindles and audiobooks you may find use for your books of times gone by. Why not repurpose the pages of old books as wrapping paper? You can use them to cover small boxes or tape the edges together to make bigger sheets to use as wrapping paper.

3. Patchwork wrapping paper

You may find in your wrapping box you have bits of old rolls of wrapping paper left over from birthdays and Christmases past. Why not make a patchwork sheet? Use up what’s left of your materials to make a unique sheet of wrapping paper.

Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping

4. Reusing boxes

We’re sure we all have old gift boxes and packaging that is perfect for putting gifts in. whether it’s a shoe box you can glitz up or a gift box you received and haven’t used since. These are perfect for giving gifts, because the person who gets them can also reuse them after or recycle them.

5. Old fabric

Why not get creative and grab old bits of fabric or cut up and old item of clothes you don’t see yourself wearing again and use that as wrapping paper. This one will be a little trickier to secure if you don’t have fabric glue available. Cut a big square and sew the folds together with a few basic stitches or safety pin them and you’ll be good to go with a present wrapped in a way the recipient won’t be expecting.

6. Scarves

There are many places to get beautiful scarves with a plethora of designs and sizes to choose from. As a wrapping idea think of it as a sneaky way to gift them two things as they can then use the scarf themselves as well as the gift.

Brown paper wrapping
Brown paper wrapping

7. Decorating with dried items

A great way to elevate your gift wrapping may be to adorn the box with dried flowers tied to it. Or if you’re using a box that’s a little too big why not fill the space with dried petals or dried orange slices to show the recipient you put a little extra thought into their gift.

8. Reuse old gift bags

You’ve probably been given a gift in a bag, so why not reuse it? This one is fairly simple but highly effective in reducing overall waste. Plus if you do reuse the gift bag it leaves you a bigger budget for the gift and getting little decorative items like tissue paper and possibly even dried flower petals to put inside.

9. Eco-friendly ethical sellers on Etsy

In this day and age it’s so easy to find sellers on Etsy that have hundreds of handmade eco-friendly products for you to choose from. Whether its sheets of recyclable wrapping paper or reusable wrapping bags there will be something for you.

What eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas do you have? We hope you have fun wrapping gifts this year in a way that is friendly to the earth.

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