Homemade Christmas Photo Album

Christmas is a time for love, family-time and sharing. So why not gift someone this Christmas with their very own festive photo album.

This album can be a way of sharing your best memories with that person, the album could just consist of the two of you, or incorporating your family and friends. That way the person whom you make this festive photo album for can have this sentimental present forever. 

The album could be photos of Christmas through the years, the year you’ve spent together (first Christmas together), baby’s first Christmas with photos of them growing up or anything else you could think of. 

We’ve have composed a variety of tips, tricks and things you will need when making your very own personalised Christmas photo album. 

What You Will Need For Your Christmas Photo Album

What You Will Need Photo Album
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To start with, let’s cover the basics over what you will need when it comes to making your photo album.

You Will Need:

  1. A Photo Album / A Scrapbook (the size of the book is your choice)
  2. Pens, Pencils or Paint
  3. Washi Tape
  4. Seasonal Stickers
  5. Patterned / Designed Paper
  6. Glue Stick / Glue Dots / Photo Corners
  7. Scissors
  8. Christmas Labels / Tags
  9. Printed Photos

These items are the basic things you will need when making and designing your photo album. The amount of festiveness you decide to design your album in is your choice. 

Having a photo album means you can just slot the photos into their plastic wallets and have them in chronological order, with some added decorations throughout. For instance labelling, stickers and drawings on the plastic wallets (obviously not covering the photo).

Whereas having a scrapbook means the world is your oyster when it comes to making the photo album. You can place the photos wherever you want, add drawings and even writing! 

Who You Could Make The Personalised Christmas Album For

Who The Photo Album Is For
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This festive photo album can be made for anyone. Though if you are unsure as to who you want to make the album for, just think of a sentimental reason as to why you should make this photo album for this person, or multiple people. 

This photo album could be for siblings, meaning if you want to save money, they can share the photo album as they those memories with you and each other. 

Who To Give The Album To:

  1. Parent
  2. Grandparent
  3. Family Member
  4. Best Friend / Friend
  5. Baby (First Christmas)
  6. Spouse
  7. Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Whoever you make and give the album to is sure to love and appreciate the effort and memories you have bestowed on them this Christmas. The photos could have little sentences underneath or you could make the photo album a little story for the person you’re giving the album to. 

When making the photo album, it could be from just you, the family or from a kiddie. Whilst making you could be listening to the Best Christmas Songs or watch your favourite Christmas Movie. 

How To Print The Photos For The Festive Album

Printed Photo Options
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You may be thinking where you can print your photos from. Well, if you already have some printed, you don’t need to worry about those ones, though if you are printing from a computer or your phone there are options available. 

Nowadays there are apps for everything, where you can print off any photo in the form of a polaroid, or an ordinary photograph. 

Photo Printing Options:

  1. Polaroid – if you have the camera or an app
  2. Instax Mini – if you have the camera
  3. Free Prints – a free app where you get 45 free photos every month and pay for the delivery, you can also choose the size of the photo
  4. Your Local Photo Store – they will print your photos for you and you can discuss the options with them
  5. Supermarket – some if not most stores have a photo printing section, places like Boots even have this available for you
  6. At Home – you can purchase photo paper and print the photos yourself on your printer.

Whatever form you choose to print your photos off will be completely down to you, you could even do a combination of these printed options. For instance, you could have a mixture of polaroids and standard photo prints. 

Festive Photo Album
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve got your photos printed and your book ready you are ready to set the whole album up!

Don’t forget that if you are making this album with someone, like a child as an example, just guide them and perhaps draw some pictures for them to colour in or label some of the photos you have printed. Meaning there added homemade touch is there. 

This festive photo album is your design and your sentimental gift to give to that special someone this Christmas. It is always the thought that counts at Christmastime, especially since you made it yourself. 

This guide has hopefully inspired you into how to make a personalised photo album this Christmas.