11 Fun Christmas Games

Christmas is a time for joy and family. And what better way to create a fun festive atmosphere than to play Christmas games? Here is a list of some activities and fun Christmas games to do with your whole family.

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Fun Christmas Activities

1. Christmas song karaoke

We all know and love Christmas songs so a Christmas karaoke would be a perfect family activity. There are many YouTube channels that cater to karaoke so it would be fairly easy to get it all set up.

2. Christmas movie marathon

Grab some blankets, hot chocolate and your favourite Christmas snacks and settle down for a night of Christmas movie magic. Netflix and Prime have a whole host of Christmas movies to choose from, so the fun won’t have to end.

3. Building snowmen

If the weather is right, then going out and building a snowman would be a fun family activity. Whether you all work together to make a big snowman, or you all make smaller ones competitively it would be the perfect family activity.

Snow woman
Snow woman

Good Christmas Games to Play

4. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Add a festive twist to the fun family game by having Christmas carols written down on cards. Taking it in turns to illustrate the song and guess the name in teams. The first team to get to 20 points wins. This is great for groups of 4 plus people.

5. Guess the Scent

Fill small mason jars with various Christmas scented items. Then take it in turns to smell from the jars and guess the scent. Some ideas of scents: pine needles, peppermint, nutmeg and gingerbread.

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6. Christmas Movie Bingo

Who doesn’t love bingo? It’s simple and fun. All you have to do is draw out 9×9 boards and write down a Christmas movie feature. For example, a shopping scene or presents being exchanged. Then watch the movie and look at for each item on your bingo card. For each box, you get to cross it out. First one with a board full of crosses wins!

7. Reindeer Toss

This game consists of you throwing little hoops at some antlers. The rings could be made by twisting some red and white pipe-cleaner together into a hoop and the antlers would be reindeer headbands. Everyone takes turns to get a hoop to land on the antlers. This would be fun for the kids.

8. Festive Charades

A classic family holiday game. With charades, you get into teams and act out phrases. But, to add some festive fun, act out Christmas phrases, song titles and Christmas move titles without speaking.

9. Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

Candy cane is a quintessential Christmas treat so what better than to make a little scavenger hunt for the kids, so they can find and enjoy the sweet.

Look at our Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt post to find our handy dandy template for one.

10. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

For this Christmas game, all you have to do is write down a couple of Christmas terms, characters, movies, songs on paper and put them in a hat. When you’ve pulled out your word, slide a blindfold on and draw it. The challenge is having people guess your word from your drawing.

11. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Like the classic birthday party game pin the tail on the donkey, with this one you just need to ger Rudolph’s nose on. You can easily make a Rudolf face from leftover cardboard from present boxes and you can make the nose by cutting out a red nose from some paper and use blue tac instead of a pin.

All of these fun Christmas games are family-friendly and will keep the kids happy for hours on end this Christmas. Hopefully, this will help make your Christmas that bit more jolly this year.

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11 Fun Christmas Games