Best Christmas Hampers

Since 1066 people have been sending Christmas hampers to show their appreciation to each other. The 11th-century tradition of filling a wicker basket with food and treats is now a popular Christmas gift to send and an even better one when its made specifically with a person. 

What is a Christmas hamper?

A Christmas hamper is a traditional gift. It is usually a wicker basket filled to the brim with festive treats and items that you may not usually buy outside the Christmas season. Often times they can be won in festive raffles and at school fairs, but they are a wonderful gift to give as you can personalise them to the receiver’s taste.

Photo – St. Regis Singapore 

What should be in a Christmas hamper?

What to put in the hamper is the biggest challenge if you decide to make one especially for someone rather than buying one of the many great store-bought ones.

Depending on the feel of the hamper there are many different things you could put inside one.

Christmas food hampers

If you’re going for a more traditional Christmas hamper, you can make it a festive food hamper. Filling it with small long-life food items like jams, fruitcakes, chocolate, dried meats, and cheese. You can also add some small bottles of wine if the person receiving drinks. To keep it festive you can put Christmas treats mince pies and candy canes in the hamper.

Luxury Christmas hampers

A luxury Christmas hamper idea would be to fill the hamper with personalised items, whether it’s a monogrammed eye cover for bed or their name printed on a drinking glass. Wine bottles and caviar are also a good start to a luxury hamper.

Gift hampers

With a gift hamper you can get really personal and fill it with all the smaller things you know the receiver will like. But for a more general gift hamper, you can fill it with lotions, bath bombs, wine, tea lights, or scented candles. Maybe add a book you think the receiver would like, to give the hamper a relaxing gift feel.

Where to buy Christmas hamper baskets?

In the UK in shops like TK Maxx and The Works, you can go in-store and pick up an empty hamper. Stores like this allow you to go around the store and fill the hamper there or purchase the hamper and go and fill it with items from other stores.

This could be really helpful as you could ask people in the store to help you get items for the hamper as well as getting more ideas for what to put in them as you shop with the empty hamper.

Best places to buy Christmas hampers

If you’re not up to buying individual hamper items, you can get pre-filled baskets.

Luxury hampers

Fortnum and Mason Luxury Hamper
Fortnum and Mason Luxury Hamper

Fortnum and Mason

Leading the game with their luxury hampers, Fortnum and Mason provide a large choice of high-end hampers for a wonderful Christmas gift that can be shared with the family or enjoyed alone. This luxurious hamper is at the top end of the budget and is filled with best quality ingredients and treats.

John Lewis Hamper
John Lewis Afternoon Tea Hamper

John Lewis

If you love a high-street shop then John Lewis will have the best luxury hampers on the street. You could pop in and pick out your favourite in-store or order one online but you can expect high-quality goods either way. 

This Afternoon Tea Hamper is filled with teas, cake, biscuits, sweet treats and sparkling wine.

Regency Hampers
Festive Celebration Hamper with Prosecco

Regency hampers

Regency hampers offer a range of hampers from traditional Christmas to home spa gifts. they also give you the opportunity to personalise a luxury hamper with engraved boxes, to add a little extra personal touch.

Food hampers

Spicers of Hythe Hamper
Spicers of Hythe Hamper

Spicers of Hythe

When it comes to affordable Christmas food hampers, Spicers of Hythe have you covered. They offer a large range of products in a more affordable mid-range compared to the luxury hampers. Each hamper they offer caters to a different festive favorite, from wines to chocolate. This port and chocolates hamper look delicious.

Gourmet Traditional British Hamper
Gourmet Traditional British Hamper

British Hamper

If you want a more traditional food hamper, the British Hamper Company has a whole range of Christmas food hampers, from family sharing ones to gourmet ones. The Gourmet Traditional British Food hamper looks delightful

Cheese Hamper
Cheese Hamper

Hay Hampers 

From snacks for Santa hampers to hampers full of festive treats for those with a sweet tooth. You are bound to find a food hamper for everyone on this site. The prices range from high-end prices to more affordable. It ultimately depends on the amount of alcohol in the hamper.

Personalized hampers

Smart Gift Solutions

If you want to make your own hamper but need a bit of help with putting it together, smart gift solutions help you to put together your own hamper and send it directly to the recipient. 

Retro Sweet Hamper


For a handmade personalised hamper, Etsy is full of independent sellers who make beautiful hampers. whether you get a chocolate bar with the recipient’s name on it front and centre in the hamper or hand-stitched monogrammed items. Etsy has loads to choose from. We like this retro sweet hamper.

Whether you plan on getting creative with your own hamper or buying one from a store, we hope this has helped give you an idea of what to include or look out for in a Christmas gift hamper.

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Best Christmas Hampers