100 Things To Do In Autumn

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Pull on your snuggly sweaters and grab your pumpkin spiced latte… it’s time to enjoy all the wonderful things to do this autumn. 

Autumn or fall, however you describe the season of golden leaves drifting the ground, I think we can all agree there are so many fun and exciting activities to enjoy at this time of year.

At Christmasphere, we love the first signs of autumn because it lets us know that we are only a few months our favourite holiday season of all. We love that autumn/fall is the build-up season to Christmas. When the weather drops and the leaves change colour it truly does become quite atmospheric. Which is why we always want to make the most of the changing seasons with lots of autumn activity ideas. 

Read on for a huge list of fall activities to add to your fall bucket list.

Why do we love autumn so much?

Plus, there are so many great festivals and celebrations that fall during the autumn season such as Harvest Festival, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead,  Rosh Hashanah, Moon Festival, Oktoberfest, Loi Krathong, and more. 

And so, to get you in the mood for this season we have put together an epic, best things to do in autumn list. If you are looking for the best things to do this fall, hopefully, you will find some fun autumn activities.


Golden orange leaves against a bright sunny autumn sky
Things to do in autumn

We love that back-to-school excitement, the changing colours of nature, the crispness of the air as it gets cooler, dressing in layers of clothes, adding warming spices to our food, and the cosiness of the night drawing in.

There is a lot to be grateful for this year – autumn things are exciting! So if you are an autumn fan (or fall fan in the US/Canada) this is the autumn bucket list you were looking for!

How to use the autumn/fall bucket list for inspiration 

Grab yourself a pen and paper and write your own autumn bucket list using some of these ideas for inspiration. Alternatively, we have created an exclusive bucket list printable PDF which you can download and print at home. It features four sections where you can fill in the autumn activities you would like to do this season.

To get access simply fill in the box below, confirm your email and you’ll get free access to our Christmasphere resource library where you can choose which PDF bucket list you wish to download and save to your computer.

So there is something for everybody we created an A4 version called Autumn Bucket List and a US Letter sized version which is called Fall Bucket List.

We hope you enjoy this ”ultimate things to do in autumn list’ and have a great season!

100 Things To Do In Autumn List

100 Things To Do In Autumn/Fun Fall Activities

1. Buy some new stationery

2. Dig out your biggest, fluffiest, snuggliest jumper 

3. Make a pie – savoury or sweet?!

4. Forage for berries

5. Make blackberry vodka or gin 

6. Go for a walk in your local woods and enjoy at the changing colours of the leaves 

7. When it rains, put on your wellies and jump in the puddles 

8. Make pumpkin or butternut squash soup 

9. Collect fallen leaves and make an autumn garland

10. Create a seasonal display on your fireplace or mantelpiece

11. Pick some conkers and play the game with your loved ones

12. Find some chestnuts and roast them in your oven 

13. Get up before dawn and go on a mini sunrise photoshoot in your local nature area 

14. Treat yourself to some new thick wool socks

15. Host a Halloween party 

16. Buy some tins from the supermarket and donate them to your local food bank

17. Go to church for the harvest festival

18. Buy a fire dish and enjoy regular garden fires whilst wrapped up in all the blankets

19. Visit some interesting buildings during Open House London weekend 

20. Toast marshmallows on an open fire

21. Host a fireworks night party 

22. Invest in some new blankets

23. Make a batch of masala chai to drink

24. Celebrate Diwali – the Hindu festival of light 

25. Write an early letter to Santa Claus 

26. Create a den in your living room and spend the evening watching retro films 

27. Bake your Christmas cake early (and start feeding it) 

28. Forage rosehips to make rosehip syrup

29. Don your thermals and go for an autumn camping trip 

30. Make spiced cider 

31. Climb a hill and take photos at sunset 

32. Take a moment for Remembrance Sunday 

33. Go mushroom picking 

34. Create the scariest costume possible for Halloween 

35. Take a romantic weekend break somewhere different in your country 

36. Cook the biggest pot of warming stew you can manage 

37. Go on a guided ghost walk 

38. Write a letter to your Granny and Grandad on Grandparents Day 

39. Carve a pumpkin

40. Find an orchard to go apple picking

41. Marvel at the baby pup seals born on Farne Islands, Northumberland

42. Decorate your front door/porch with an autumn wreath 

43. Embrace your slow cooker and prep all the hearty meals (we love slow cooker pulled chicken)

44. Have a popcorn/movie night

45. Make s’mores 

46. Learn to make toffee apples

47. Start your Christmas shopping  

48. Organise a Secret Santa

49. Go to an Oktoberfest event

50. Treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte

100 things to do in fall list

51. Roast pumpkin seeds

52. Make a Halloween playlist on Spotify 

53. If you get a sunny day, wrap up in layers and do an Autumn picnic 

54. Plant spring-flowering bulbs 

55. Organise a curry night with your friends 

56. Send a surprise care package to a friend or relative 

57. Take a long drive in the countryside on a clear, crisp day

58. Bake pumpkin bread 

59. Host a board games party with a hot chocolate station

60. Go to a cider/whisky tasting event

61. Go on an outing to a local stately home or English Heritage / National Trust site

62. Do an autumn-themed photoshoot with your favourite people

63. Learn something new 

64. Fill a flask with tea and go on a bike ride somewhere pretty 

65. Read a gothic novel 

66. Take part in a Samhain ritual

67. Decorate your house with fairy lights 

68. Buy a new scented candle

69. Host a murder mystery party 

70. Decorate trick-or-treat buckets with the little ones in your life 

71. Make sloe gin

72. Buy fresh food from a local farmer’s market

73. Bake lots of cinnamon and ginger treats (gingerbread cookie bars)

74. Dig out your favourite pair of boots 

75. Indulge in dark lipstick and nail varnish

76. Watch a live sports game 

77. Bring nature indoors and decorate with acorns, dry leaves and pinecones 

78. Do a treetop walk 

79. Make apple crumble

80. Visit a pick-your-own farm

81. Visit a pumpkin patch!

82. Donate to your local homeless shelter or refugee centre 

83. Try apple bobbing

84. Make a garden photo time-lapse series to capture the change of season 

85. Bake Cinnamon Swirls for breakfast

86. Spend a rainy day printing out your Instagram photos and make a new photo album 

87. Learn to crochet 

88. Go on a night-time nature walk

89. Make a safe home for animals to hibernate in your garden

90. Attend a Mop Fair (an old British tradition – history here)

91. Take part in The Great British Walk 

92. Celebrate Autumn Equinox on 23rd September

93. Spend a day batch-cooking for your freezer

94. Eat the most epic roast dinner of your life

95. Make an autumn-inspired DIY/craft 

96. Preserve fruits for the winter

97. Wear something orange 

98. Invest in the warmest hat you can find 

99. Buy a munchkin pumpkin 

100. Make your own autumn bucket list with 10 things you will do this season (download your free copy below!)

Autumn and Fall Bucket List Printables
Autumn and Fall Bucket List Printables
Autumn Bucket List Template
Autumn Bucket List Printable Template
Fall Bucket List Template
Fall Bucket List Template Printable

Download your FREE autumn/fall bucket list PDF here

Get your own free copy of our autumn bucket list by simply filling in the box above. Once you confirm your email is real you will automatically receive the link and password to our exclusive resource library where you can choose your PDF. Click and save the PDF to your computer and print at home.

Choose from either the A4-sized ‘Autumn Bucket List‘ or the US Letter-sized ‘Fall Bucket List’.

Enjoy doing all the activities in autumn!

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