Themed Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

This Christmas why not make a Christmas Gift Basket for someone you like. They could be a partner, a crush or even a family member you want to make smile and let know you love them this Christmas. 

The Gift Basket could follow a gift theme you want, this could be a ‘cosy gift basket’, a ‘sweet treat gift basket’, perhaps even a ‘pamper gift basket’. Though you could always do a combination of these ideas and make them the ‘Ultimate Christmas Gift Basket’. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve comprised a list of ideas and a mini-guide into how to create the best Christmas gift basket for someone you like. 

Cosy Christmas Gift Basket

Cosy Night In Gift Box
Photo by: Hygge

If you are making a Cosy Gift Basket you can have a wide variety of treats filling the basket. If you want some further inspiration check out our Cosy Gift Guide for some further ideas. We’ve comprised a list of cosy gifts and treats you can buy your special someone this Christmas. 

Cosy gift basket ideas:

  1. Fluffy socks (we love these cat-themed ones)
  2. Cuddly toy
  3. Woolly hat
  4. Cosy blanket (the fluffier, the better!)
  5. Mug 
  6. Hot Chocolate
  7. Mini-alcohol (18+/21+)
  8. Scented candle (our long time fave is Cinnamon Stick)
  9. Popcorn 
  10. Book (we have a list of the best Christmas books here)
  11. Pyjamas

You can pick and choose what you want to put into this cosy gift basket, you may even think of some items that aren’t listed here. These are just simple, affordable items that can be apart of any cosy gift basket for someone you like. 

Sweet Treat Gift Basket

Sweet Treat Gift Basket
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This Christmas show someone you like – even love them – by giving them a basket filled with sweet treats both edible and not! Edible treats can be baked goods, sweeties and chocolate, the non-edible can be sweet-smelling things, like incense, scented candles and essential oils. We love sweet smelling things, especially around Christmas time.

Sweet Treat Gift Basket Ideas:

  1. Chocolate chip cookies 
  2. Sweets (their favourite type)
  3. Love Heart Candy’s (buy a huge stash for your giftees here)
  4. Scented candles
  5. Essentials oils
  6. Microwavable scented cuddly toys (adorably named Warmies)
  7. Jams and preserves 
  8. Hand/body wash
  9. Bath bombs/salts 
  10. Air fresheners
  11. Hot chocolate powder

With these sweet-smelling things to help inspire you, whatever you decide to put in your basket of sweet treats is sure to win over that special someone this Christmas. 

Pamper Gift Basket

Pamper Gift Basket
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Gift someone this Christmas with a kitted out pamper hamper. Having a quiet and relaxing moment this Christmas is something you can’t quite describe. The cold weather, the warm cosy atmosphere throughout your house and the sound of your favourite Christmas tunes playing in the background. 

Having the chance to actually have a pamper morning, evening or even day is sure to relax and calm your favourite person this Christmas.

Pamper Gift Basket Ideas:

  1. Essential oils
  2. Book (ideas here)
  3. Face masks
  4. Fluffy socks
  5. Eyebrow kit
  6. Hand cream (this stuff is amazing)
  7. Bath/Shower sponge
  8. Comfy blanket 
  9. Scented Candles
  10. Chocolates
  11. Tea

These pamper gifts will hopefully inspire you into what you want to put into your special someone’s Pamper Gift Hamper. 

Snow Day Gift Basket

Snow Day Gift Basket
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We love a snow day, dressing up in our warmest clothes, getting out our fluffiest hat, scarf and warm gloves to enjoy the crisp white snow. This Christmas you could gift your special someone with a Snow Day basket, so you can both enjoy a fun-filled day in the snow together.

A snow day can often be rather tiring, all that running around and playing in the soft snow, so you could go back home and spend the rest of the day watching Christmas Movies and eating yummy snacks.

Snow Day Gift Basket Ideas:

  1. Hot Chocolate powder 
  2. Hot Chocolate toppings
  3. Mug (we adore these Portmerion china mugs)
  4. Hat
  5. Gloves
  6. Scarf 
  7. Woolly socks
  8. Their favourite Christmas movie
  9. Gingerbread men
  10. Cookie dough 
  11. Cookie cutters (festive ones are perfect this time of year)

By giving someone a snow day gift set you are sure to see their childish side, their sneaky tactics they come up with when you have an Ultimate Snowball Fight. Then coming back home to enjoy each others company and relaxing together. 

Hopefully, some of these gift basket ideas have inspired you to make your very own Christmas Gift Basket for Someone You Like this Christmas! Always remember, that any of these ideas and gifts can be suitable for anyone so don’t worry if you know what they like or prefer just pop that into the hamper and they’re sure to love it. 

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas