Christmas Decor Themes

There are so many different options when it comes to Christmas decor themes. Sure, some of us like to just throw up whatever decorations we have stashed away up in the attic. Or we simply want to decorate with the things we love.

Some of us also like to decorate around a Christmas theme. Maybe you have a particular aesthetic you like year after year. Or perhaps you want to create a theme this year that brings all the decor throughout your home together in a beautiful way.

You truly can get creative Christmas decoration themes. To help inspire you, we have put together a big list of themes of Christmas decoration ideas.



Christmas tree surrounded by presents by a light wood fire

The traditional decor style makes use of red, green and wood. You see lots of natural elements such as a real Christmas tree, wreaths, fireplace boughs, garlands made with fir cones, and lots of candles. The tree decorations tend to be a restricted palette. You often see the use of tartan fabric in the traditional Christmas theme. Presents are finished with big bows of ribbon. Plus, the use of a real fire adds to the cosy traditional vibe.

Photo: John Lewis


Top view of large white living room with simple christmas decor

Minimalist Christmas decor is scaled back design. This type of theme is about choosing just a few key decorative pieces to dress the home. Usually, the Christmas decorations are in colours that complement the existing decor. The idea is to make the space feel that it honours the Christmas traditions and festive period without detracting too much for the current decor. Usually, the Christmas tree has few Christmas decorations and ornaments. There maybe one or two other decorative pieces such as a wreath or bough. Perhaps a few stockings hung up on the fireplace. Everything is pared back and simple.

Photo: Home with Holly J


Bare Christmas tree behind a wooden table laid out with simple settings

Scandinavian Christmas decor is almost a cross between the traditional and the minimalist. There is an emphasis on bringing nature indoors with a natural real tree, and perhaps some fir garlands to decorate the table. There are few decorations on the tree, with some even leaving the tree bare. The use of single stem candles to decorate place the emphasis on nature and simple design. Choose a muted colour palette for the Scandinavian style Christmas theme.

Photo: unknown


White Christmas tree surrounded by presents

An all-white Christmas theme can include one of those rare white Christmas trees. Or simply embraces white and neutral shades in the choice of decorations. Muted silver and golds can be incorporated as ornaments, ribbons, wrapping, and stockings. Or go all out and choose white toned decorative elements throughout for a bright winter wonderland feel.

Photo – A pumpkin and a princess


Traditional style Christmas tree decorate with vintage ornaments

A vintage Christmas theme is an eclectic style and retro aesthetic. This is a great way to enjoy your family heirloom decorations and ornaments. Or buy vintage decorations at your local flea market or charity shop. The vintage Christmas theme is colourful, maximalist, and kitsch. Cover the Christmas tree with tinsel, ribbon, coloured fairy lights, multi-coloured baubles. Add a nativity scene, some nutcracker toys, and fake fluffy snow. This is the kind of theme where you can use fake snow on the windows.

Photo – unknown


Rustic style Christmas tree and decor in log cabin

For the rustic Christmas decor theme, we are looking at lots of natural textures of fir, tree, garlands, plants. The tree decorations tend to be ribbon, simple ornaments, feathers, twigs, perhaps textured fabrics such as tartan or burlap. The gifts are wrapped in simple brown paper with cream and gold ribbons. Think log cabin in the mountains for inspiration. All things cosy and textured.

Photo – Fynes Designs


Christmas tree decorated with glitter ornaments

The glitter Christmas decor theme is about embracing all things bright, colourful, and glittery. Choose jewel colours, and rich tones to decorate the tree. Opt for glitter ornaments, or add in some garlands of tinsel. Choose home decor details in glitter effects such as frosted reindeer, candles, cushions, slogan art, and centrepieces.

Photo – Balsam Hill


Ombre Christmas Tree

We love this clever DIY ombre Christmas tree which involves taking a white Christmas tree and painting layers of the branches in shades of grey through to black.

Photo – Little Inspiration


Red Christmas Decor Theme Tree

Red is synonymous with Christmas. Choose from deep burgundies through to bright scarlets to decorate your home and tree. Choosing to decorate in one colour adds a cohesiveness to the decorations. To add interest choose different textures of the same hue.

Photo – The Inn at Christmas Place


All Gold Christmas Decor Theme

Make like the Three Wise Men and bring gold to your Christmas celebrations. Choose different textures and hues of this delightful warm metallic from baubles and ornaments to wrapping paper and ribbon.

Photo – unknown


Silver Christmas Tree Theme

For some wow factor pick an all silver theme for your Christmas decor. There are lots of silver decorations to choose from. And surround the tree with gifts wrapped in silver paper and ribbons.

Photo – unknown


Gold and Silver Christmas Theme

Go all out with the metallic theme with both silver and gold decorations throughout the house for an elegant yet festive look.

Photo – Randi Garrett Design


Blue and Silver Theme

Go for a winter wonderland vibe by decorating with an icy blue and silver theme. You can easily complement with white accessories and/or a frosted tree. We love all the cool tones in this Christmas decor theme.

Photo – 2 Bees in a Pod


pastel christmas decor

Want to try something different in your Christmas decor theme this year? Try a pastel theme with plenty of candy coloured tree ornaments, lights, and wreaths. We love the candy swirls ornaments on this tree. Think pale pinks, mint green, icy silvers, and pops of white.

Photo – La Petite Fete


Natural Green Christmas Decor

Let nature do the talking with decorating the house in lots of fresh evergreen foliage. Drape the stairs and mantelpiece with garlands of fir, eucalyptus, and holly. Keep the real fir Christmas tree simple decorating with just a few fairy lights. All this will give your home a wonderfully fresh and fragrant aroma throughout this festive season.

Photo – unknown

Which Christmas decor theme will you choose this year?

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