7 Christmas Centrepieces Ideas

Christmas Centrepiece is a decorative item of decor that sits on your dinner table, coffee table or any table you would be gathered around. It is a timeless form of decoration that can range from being elegant to simple and beautiful. 

We’re here to show you the multitude of options you have when it comes to choosing amazing festive Christmas Centrepieces all the way from elegant to rustic. 

These centrepieces will surely influence your ideas on how to decorate your Christmas table and wow your family and friends as you enjoy your delicious Christmas Dinner

1.Elegant Christmas Centrepieces

Elegant Centrepiece
Photo by: blog.buyerselect

Make your Christmas table exude elegance with an elegant Christmas Centrepiece.

Elegant Christmas Centrepieces can range from one end of the spectrum right to the next, elegance can mean many things depending on what theme you are looking for. 

Whether it is a centrepiece with the classic Christmas colours of red white and green with some gold running through or a rustic Christmas Centrepiece with natural materials to give your Christmas a more homely and warm feel.

If it is a simple elegant Christmas Centrepiece so that it makes its statement but subtly and effectively leaving the dinner as the main event.

Or if you want that statement piece for your table, go all out with an eccentric yet beautiful centrepiece that’ll wow your guests this Christmas.

2. Christmas Centrepieces for Round Tables

Centrepiece for Round Table
Photo by: unknown source

Centrepieces for round tables can often be either very tricky or very easy to find. It’s a matter of what size you choose to go with. Depending on the size of your round table go with how it will sit in the centre of your table and whether or not you will be having the Christmas dinner laid out on the table as well. 

A small, simple Centrepiece can often be a good choice. However, for a round table that’s, let’s say, medium to large a larger centrepiece may be something to consider as it makes a statement in the centre of your table as you enjoy your Christmas dinner.

By a larger Centrepiece, we mean something tall and or round and small, just large in the capacity of the decoration. 

3. Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decoration
Photo by: Not on the Highstreet

If you choose to not have a mainstream centrepiece, good centrepiece ideas can be:

A row of candles encapsulated in greenery and holly to run down your table to add that Christmas tree vibe while you are eating your dinner amongst the candle flames. 

If you would rather not have candles on the table, switch them out for battery operated fairy lights. You could add these amongst greenery or in glass mason jars with other Christmas related decorations like pine cones, baubles or beads. Fairy lights can truly make the table seem magical whilst you enjoy your meal. 

4. Simple Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Place Cards
Photo by: Millie Stone UK

If you would rather go simple for the Christmas decorations so that the main focus is on the food that’s taken nearly all morning to make there are a variety of different options you can choose from:

You can even add name place cards to the table, rather than having to add to the list of arguments at Christmastime, beat that argument by having name placards arranged on the table in a way that will hopefully bring peace to the dinner rather than more arguments over who sits where.

Sticking with the greenery theme, you could opt for having a wreath placed in the centre of your table if you have made your own, one of the kiddies has made one or you have one spare from last year. Not only is perhaps a more simple decoration but also affordable and a timeless decoration for Christmas.

5. Christmas Flower Arrangements

Christmas Flower Arrangement
Photo by: Front Gate

Christmas flower arrangements tend to stick to the main Christmassy colours of red, white and green. Since not many flowers are blooming during the winter season, most arrangements are bulked out with greenery, branches and berries to give that authentic Christmas feel to your home. 

During this festive season use poinsettias, bright Christmas roses, pine cones, freesias, seasonal tulips and snowy white chrysanthemums as part of your Christmas decor throughout your house but also bring to your table.

6. Alternative Christmas Centrepiece

Christmas Cactus
Photo – chrisbrenschmidt

You could even opt for having a Christmas cactus on your table and decorate as a mini Christmas tree but alternative and different to your main tree – although be careful as they are prickly so just watch out when passing the roast potatoes! You could even bring holly, ivy and mistletoe to the table, bringing in the other aspects and decorations around your home to your table. 

By creating small arrangements using these Christmassy flowers and plants you can bring the natural and fresh feel to your table alongside your delicious Christmas dinner. 

7. Candle Centrepieces

Floating Candle Centrepiece
Photo by: Better Homes & Gardens

Candles can often be misconstrued with being rather dangerous on a table with lots of decoration or movement – passing around food or wine. Though if you use simple yet elegant objects and decorations you can make your candle Centrepiece not only safe but also beautiful. 

By using drinking glasses, with a bottom large enough to hold a candle safely and securely, you can place decorations such as; beading, holly, baubles and berries in the bottom of the glass and then fill the glass up with water until the candle is able to gently rest on top. This way you are giving your family and friends an alternative way of presenting a candle in a glass.

If your candle is not a standard tea light and you have tapered candles, using normal candlesticks, and adding decoration onto them will be just as effective and festive as your Christmas Centrepiece. 

Tapered candles are an elegant statement with your Christmas dinner, and you can even place multiple tapered candles in a large glass vase (or similar) and decorate the glass however you want, by adding what you want to see in the glass at the same time as holding the candles upright. 

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