What Is An Upside Down Christmas Tree?

As we were recently browsing through Pinterest we came across an unusual trend for upside-down Christmas trees. We were absolutely fascinated by this phenomenon that we had to research more into this new-to-us decorative choice.

We thought the upside-down Christmas tree was a new trend but it is, in fact, a much older tradition.

History of Upside Down Christmas Tree

Legend has it that the monk named Boniface began the tradition of the upside-down Christmas tree back in the 7th century Poland. It is said that the fir tree was hung from the ceiling to demonstrate the holy trinity, or perhaps mimic the crucifixion.

By the 12th century, it was commonplace in Central Europe to decorate upside down fir trees in the winter.

In the 19th century, Christmas trees were either hung upside down or simply from the rafters in the homes of poor people who were limited on floor space.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Modern upside down Christmas tree traditions

It seems that today, upside-down Christmas trees are either an unusual interpretation and decorative feature in festive displays. Or they are a useful, innovative way of displaying large decorated trees in shop displays where retail space needs the floor for products and people.

Is hanging a tree upside down offensive?

A few people believe that Christmas tree tips are pointing up to heaven and a celebration of God, therefore to hang the tree upside down is disrespectful and offensive.

Stylish Upside Down Christmas Tree
Photo by ThroughTheGardenGate

How to hang an inverted Christmas tree?

You can hang your upside-down Christmas tree either attached the ceiling using a bracket or stood on the ground using a stand. We’ve also seen some attached upside-down using wall mounts.

What are the benefits of an upside-down Christmas tree? 

You will save valuable floor space, which means more room for presents!

It also keeps young children and pets from playing with the tree and ornaments when they shouldn’t be.

How to decorate an upside-down Christmas tree?

Think of it like a chandelier, use the height and drape ribbons and lights in a cascade effect from the branches. As it is such an unusual display you can play with the inverted nature of the tree.

Colourful Upside Down Christmas Tree
Photo by chinoiseriechic

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