What to wear on Christmas Day for Men

What you wear on Christmas day is a big deal. It’s the most wonderful day of the year, so figuring out what to wear can be a bit daunting.

We’re sure that you’ve got your PJs picked out for the day but if you need to swap into a less homey outfit it may be difficult to figure out exactly what you should wear on Christmas day.

We at Christmasphere have put together a list of men’s Christmas outfits inspiration to help you on your way.

First things first, figuring out how formal your Christmas Day is going to be. If it’s a small family affair, then you might want to stay on the more casual side of Christmas dressing. And even then, it also depends on how many family members are coming.

If it’s going to just be your immediate family then even a PJ day makes sense but if you’ve got the grandparents coming, you may want to be a little more formal in your approach.

If you’re having a Christmas party or attending one you may want to dress up a bit more and go towards a more formal look with casual elements. But an essential in any outfit you pick is colour! Whether you decide to wear a classic suit or shirt and jeans, add colour! And lots of it at that.

Mens Christmas Outfits
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Colour Palette

Stick to the Christmassy colours of reds, greens, golds, silvers. Maybe not all at once, unless you want to look like a Christmas tree.

Pick out colours that complement each other and find the right ratio. Whether that means a burgundy shirt with a dark green tie or a green shirt accented with golden accessories.

It’s all about the ratio of each colour and picking the correct dominant colour. We recommend using a green or red for the base colour and gently accessorising with gold or silver.

Christmas Tartan Suit
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If you’re stuck on what to wear colourwise, a good old pattern will do you good. Sticking to a green and red plaid is always an easy choice. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous you could look for a print pattern with a fun festive design, this would do the job of adding some festive spirit to any outfit!


Smart casual Christmas attire
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For the formal look, you could go for a full suit for a proper formal look. But it’s Christmas and you may want a more comfortable outfit for any Christmas party or formal affair you’re invited to.

For a semi-formal but still pretty formal look, you can take items from a suit to give you that formal look. A suit jacket with a nice shirt and chinos or dark trousers would be comfortable yet formal.

If its chilly, a nice Christmas jumper with a traditional print under the suit jacket will keep you warm.


Green snowman print shirt
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Casual affairs need casual looks. A jumper over a shirt and jeans is the perfect outfit. Matched with a simple watch and some nice shoes, you’ve got a winning Christmas outfit. If you’re attending any sort of do, there’s bound to be Christmas crackers so the final addition to your attire can be a paper crown and a classic Christmas cracker joke.

Another casual option is wearing a shirt with a charming Christmas print on it. A fun shirt and some nice trousers will get the festive look across without having to be too formal


Movie Christmas Sweater
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Christmas jumpers are a must. They come in so many designs from traditional print to fun movie-inspired designs. If you really want to show off your Christmas spirit you can co-ordinate your jumper to your home’s decorations.

If you’re not a fan of Christmas jumpers, a simple plain coloured jumper would do. Again, try and keep it to festive colours but a gentle dark blue would look good amongst red and green Christmas décor too.


Elf slippers
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Semi-formal shoes are best for Christmas day if you have to wear them. Casual Oxfords or a nice suede or brown Chelsea boot are good if you want to look smart. If you want comfort when you’re out and about you may want to wear dark trainers, because they’ll go with almost any outfit.

If you’re not leaving the house some fun Christmas house slippers or soft house slippers may be a good option to keep you stylish and warm.


Snowman christmas socks
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If you’re not one for shouting to the world how much you love Christmas then, you can add a little bit of Christmas to any outfit you like by wearing festive socks. If you want to go with using Christmas socks to add that festive flair to your Christmas day outfit, fun Christmas socks can be purchased from just about every store that stocks clothes.


A classic Santa hat is the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you’re in a suit or PJs, a Santa hat will carry your outfit from winterwear to Christmas Day.

Comfy wear

Looney toons christmas pjs
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Ok, so maybe getting dressed and going out is not on the agenda. If not, then comfort wear is the way to go. We’re talking Christmas themed pyjamas or a nice warm Christmas jumper over your PJs. Classic Christmas PJs are the typical button-down top with the long pyjama trousers, usually in a plaid print or red with a Christmas design over them. Other PJs are available. 

If you want to get out of your pyjamas you can wear leisurewear like tracksuit bottoms with your Christmas jumper to have comfy Christmas chic for your Christmas day outfit.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on what to wear on Christmas Day for men.

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Christmas Outfits for Men

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