How To Organise An Elegant Christmas Party

Christmas parties are a great way to get together with friends and loved ones during this festive season. Though organising it can sometimes be a little tricky. We’ve listed some helpful tips and tricks on how to organise an elegant Christmas party that is sure to wow all your guests. 

From organising the food and drink to your invitations, we have listed some helpful and easy tips on what you need to do when it comes to organising your sophisticated soiree. 

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Usually, a Christmas Party will have a sit-down dinner. Although depending on how much seating you have available a sit-down dinner may not be suitable. A buffet-style set-up would more appropriate for your elegant Christmas party. 

Foods like salads, cute appetisers, mini burgers, and other buffet-style food are ideal for an elegant party. It means you and your guests can move around, talk to other guests and sit comfortably around the house. 


Elegant Christmas Drinks
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Ensure that you have a selection of beers, wines for the adults and non-alcoholic drinks available for kiddies and designated drivers. If you are also serving spirits, make sure that there are a variety of mixers available like cola, lemonade and tonic waters. These mixers will also be popular with the kiddies to be sure to buy a fair amount.

For an added personal touch why not make a signature cocktail for your guests, like egg-nog with a rum twist. Or apple cider mojito.


Elegant Christmas Invitations
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Sending an e-vite can be an easy and free way of inviting all your guests. This could be done by creating a party group page on Facebook for everyone to see and respond to.

Or even a group chat with the people you are inviting (be sure that they are in your contact list if not get their contact info ASAP) that way people can ask questions about times, who should bring to help out and if people need to spend the night. 

Or you could opt for a more personal touch by handwriting out the invites and posting them. Though an easier option would be creating the invites on your computer using a free program such as Canva and print off the amount you need, then sending them off to your guests.

However, you need to try and get the invites out fairly soon otherwise people may become busy. In this case, you could even write the invite out in a Christmas card or mail the invite with the Christmas card. 


Elegant Christmas Decorations
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Keep your tables simple, a few tealights around the room and small details like pinecones, baubles and Christmas beads around the food and communal tables people will be sitting around and chatting. Don’t overwhelm the guests with large centrepieces as the food will be the main focus seeing as it is a buffet it will be quite the spectacle. 

Scented candles and tapered candles are a great addition to your decorations as they will help set the atmosphere for your Elegant Christmas Party. Not only will the candles set the Christmas mood but they will also aid the nostalgia your guests will be feeling remembering all their happy Christmas memories. 


Cozy Christmas Playlist
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To add to the atmosphere of the Christmas vibes throughout your house, make a Christmas playlist that will play in the background and help everyone get into that Christmas spirit. You can either make your own playlist for the party.

Though if you are struggling to get some initial inspiration for your playlist, start off by looking at The Best Christmas Songs, or a Cosy Christmas Playlist. That way your music will fit the party perfectly. 


Elegant Christmas Mantle
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When creating an ambience, if you have a fireplace of any kind – or even one on your TV you can put on – that is a must-have to aid set that cosy, elegant atmosphere. 

Lights should remain on, however, none of your ‘main’ lights so to say. Remember you are trying to set a cosy, warm ambience, meaning lamps, candles, fairy lights and the Christmas Tree lights should remain on. Don’t worry about people seeing the food, the table where the food and drink is located will be well lit as lamps and candles will surround them that way guests can see what they are eating.

Dress Code

Elegant Christmas Outfit
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Dress code can often be a back and forth decision. So for your party, this year tell your guests to wear their Sunday Best – their smart attire – for one of the most elegant parties of the year! If you really want to go all out for your Elegant Christmas Party why not ask your guests that the dress code is Black Tie. That will be sure to make the party and Elegant occasion. 

Whatever you decide should be specified on your invitations so they know in good time to prepare. They then should be reminded a week before just so that everyone has a chance to make sure their outfits are ready for the party!

Most Importantly!

Have Fun! Be proud of organising the party and all the hard work you’ve put in. Especially if you didn’t really know how to organise an elegant Christmas party, to begin with. 

One final thought, if you want to add a little more fun to the party why not play a few easy games, like Charades, that way everyone even the kiddies can get involved! 

Enjoy your very own Elegant Christmas Party this year. We hope these tips and tricks were helpful.

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