Christmas Nail Art Ideas

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Be extra Christmassy this year and go creative with your nail art. Christmas nail art can range from being super easy and simple to the more extravagant and ‘wow factor’ nails. We classy Christmas nails, simple Christmas nails, easy Christmas nails – whatever you are looking for, there is inspiration for something festive for your nails this year.

Next time you go for a manicure this festive season, take one of these Christmas nail designs as inspiration and show your nail artist what you would like.

We’ve listed some Christmas nails ideas for you to get you inspired and excited to decorate your nails in a Christmas theme. 

Basic Christmas Nail Art
Photo by: @solinsnaglar

Basic Nail Art Tips and Tricks

Nail art can often be fairly easy and simple if you have a clear idea as to what you want (use a manicure kit like this one).

However, we all know that painting our own nails can sometimes be rather tricky especially if we are trying to do art on our nails. 

If you have the opportunity perhaps take your inspiration and what you want to be done on your nails to a nail salon. Most nail salons these days actually prefer and find it helpful if you have a vision as to what you want to be done. Plus it means you don’t have to do it and it can be a little ‘treat yourself’ this Christmas season. 

Although, if you have the ability, tools, etc or if you just want to put yourself to the challenge give it a go yourself and paint your own Christmas nail art.

Classic Christmas Colours Nail Art
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Classic Christmas Colours Nail Art

These days your nail art can be of any colour and any type of nail varnish. However, sometimes it can be quite nice to stick with the classic Christmas colours, really sticking to the roots of Christmas. 

Classic Christmas colours are reds, greens, golds and silvers, even white. A combination of these will definitely give off Christmas tree vibes!

A combination of any of these colours will for sure have Christmas written all over them. The design can be simple much like the easy nail art designs or it could be somewhat extreme or just a little bit more advance. See this at home manicure kit for ideas.

For the more advance designs, going to a nail technician can be helpful, though trying them out is always something you should do! That way if you do it and it works, you can have the opportunity to tell friends and family that you did it and not a nail technician. 

Easy Christmas Nail Art
Photo by: @alexxnails

Easy Nail Art 

Christmas is a fairly over the top holiday for some, as it is the opportunity to go that extra mile for friends and family and spread love and happiness. So if you are looking for a simple look on your nails as something subtle, sophisticated and elegant an easy nail art design is probably best for you. 


The list is endless with nail art, especially easy nail art. Christmas is a busy time of year as it is and sometimes we can’t find the time to do things for ourselves. this Christmas make the time and have your nails done or do them yourself, though if you have little ones that may be tricky to balance. An easy design can make its subtle statement when friends and family see your nails as the compliments will come flying in. 

A so-called easy design can range from being a minimum of 2 colours. You could alternate the colours on your nails, have 4 one colour and your ring fingers another, whether it is a different shade, different colour, different types of nail varnishes like a matte, gel or glitter. Even having a completely different design can be an option, i.e block colour nails and one french tip nail with glitter. The options are endless. 

Classy Christmas Nail Art
Photo by: @omynails

Classy Nail Art

Classy can mean something elegant and stylish, so if you want a classy look this Christmas try a simple design that has a certain twist to it. The twist doesn’t have to be extreme or difficult but rather something that has a ‘wow factor’. 

Sticking to matte colours or a simple gel adds to that level of ‘classy’ the addition of glitter can often have that classy effect. A pop of glitter or colour is sure to make your nails extra stylish and have people complimenting your nails. Adding a simple Christmas design to neutral colours can also give your nails that classy vibe. 

With Classy Nail Art you don’t necessarily have to stick primarily to the Christmassy colours, you could switch it up and use any colours you wanted. You could do colour matches to whatever theme you have decided to go with on you Christmas tree or to match the colours of a Christmas Character. 


Christmas Character Nail Art
Photo by: @art.skk

Christmas Character Nail Art

If you want people to know exactly what your nail art represents this Christmas choose one or however many Christmas characters you want on your nails. 

You could go for having a snowman, Santa or even a reindeer on your nails if you want to stick to the mainstream characters. If you want to go a little more ‘extra’ so to say, go for a gingerbread man or an elf. You could have a character on each nail or on alternating nails so that they are spread out and given the chance to be seen individually. 

Friends and family – especially children – are sure to fawn over your nails this Christmas. Whether you get them done in a salon or you do them yourself, everyone will be envious of you festive Christmas character nails. 

Other ideas include using Christmas nail art stickers to overlay the nails.

Or use Christmas nail art stick on nails.


Advance Christmas Nail Art
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Advance Nail Art 

Advance Nail Art can be tackled by anyone if you are up for the challenge. Of course, if you don’t want to do them yourself you can take a reference photo to a salon for them to do. However, despite the design looking hard and being more ‘advance’ give it a go anyway. All you’ll need are cotton buds to wipe away any nail varnish that spreads or gets on your fingers. 

Advance nail art is usually the nail art that has a lot of glitter, on acrylic nails with bright colours. Making them stand out and be more extravagant, they will definitely make a statement this Christmas!

We hope this nail art inspires you to treat yourself to some easy, fun, or classy Christmas nail art this winter. 

Christmas Nail Art

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