Family Matching Pyjama Party

If you are looking to have the entire family matching pyjamas for those fun Christmas Day photos then look no further. We have some tips and tricks on how to organise your family matching pyjamas this Christmas.

Organising matching family pyjamas can be rather tricky as it means you have to find the same pair of pyjamas for everyone. Although having them all wear pyjamas means that there is no worry about dress code, you just spend the day in comfy pyjamas. Or the majority of the day until dinner time and you put on your chosen dress code outfits. 

Wearing Christmas-themed matching pajamas are the perfect outfit to wear on Christmas Eve before bed and throughout Christmas Day. You could even include them when you make Christmas Eve Boxes.

Setting The Dress Code

Setting The Dress Code
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Let people know the theme

Ensure that everyone knows that you’re doing matching pyjamas. Otherwise, you won’t have the entire family dressed in matching pyjamas and have them standing out in photos like a sore thumb.

So make sure that once you’ve decided on your dress code let everyone know ASAP. Or better yet, when you are inviting everyone put on the invitations, or message just add a little message saying you’re doing matching pyjamas and a link to where you are buying you PJs from. 

To buy or not to buy?

Now when it actually comes to buying the pyjamas you’ve decided you want everyone to wear, you could either buy all the pyjamas for everyone yourself. Or for the more affordable option ask everyone to buy their own pyjamas by sending over the link to the chosen pyjamas. 

Colour code instead?

If you want everyone matching, you could still have everyone wearing matching pyjamas but perhaps in different colours for the different nuclear families. You could even have the kiddies wear one colour and the adults another, or boys wear one colour and girls another. Though not the typical blue and pink, however, do green and red to stick with the Christmas theme. 

Types of Matching Pyjamas

Personalised Matching Pyjamas
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When you are deciding on what kind of pyjamas you want to buy it is best to consider all aspects. Whether you want easy, breathable material for you pyjamas, all in ones, buttons, no buttons it really just depends on what everyone is going to be comfortable in. 

Pyjamas styles

  1. Button-down Pyjamas 
  2. Christmas Movie themed
  3. Onesies / All-In-One’s
  4. Christmas Patterned 
  5. Christmas Colours 
  6. Christmas Characters
  7. Personalised Pyjamas

The Night Before – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Pyjamas
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On Christmas Eve, set a time for everyone to arrive by, that way your guests can get settled and have quick catch-ups. Then if you have made Christmas Eve Boxes you can hand those out, they may have the pyjamas in there, and enjoy the presents they receive. 

Then once everyone has settled, you can all get changed into the pyjamas. That way you can enjoy Christmas Eve in your family matching pj’s. You can spend the evening playing games, baking treats for Santa and the family, drinking hot chocolate, watching a Christmas movie or even read a classic Christmas book.  Our favourite tradition is for one person to read aloud the poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day Family Pyjamas
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Let the festivities begin! It’s the day we’ve all been waiting and prepping for. Christmas morning is such a magical and special time, especially when everyone is wearing their matching pyjamas. 

The excitement and anticipation that has built up to this day can finally be released when everyone opens their presents, or whilst eating breakfast. Whatever your morning tradition is, you can spend the morning and perhaps even the afternoon in your matching comfy pyjamas for you all to relax in.

Though if you would rather be dressed in ‘finery’ so to say you can get changed out of the pyjamas and into some smarter clothes for when dinner is served. Though before you do that make sure to take plenty of photos of everyone in their matching pyjamas with their presents, breakfast or in a big family group photo. 

Just remember to have fun and enjoy Christmas with loved ones. Whatever matching pyjamas you decide to have you and your family wear is completely up to you. Christmas is a time for fun and tradition so have plenty of fun!

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