Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas

There is something so charming about the rustic Christmas décor theme. Focusing on a warm and cosy environment we’ll go through the elements you need for the perfect rustic Christmas décor.

Key Elements of Rustic Décor

When creating a theme for a room or house décor you need to be familiar with some main key elements.

For a rustic look, you need to keep it simple. No glitter or shimmer. You want to aim for minimal or select colours.

A more natural look will do wonders for a rustic décor. Think about using wood and evergreen plants in decorative elements.

Rustic Christmas Tree
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Rustic Christmas Tree Ideas

Keep it natural. If you are going to go for an artificial tree, try and aim to get one that looks realistic. For some information on how to pick an artificial Christmas tree, see our post Guide to Artificial Christmas Trees.

A real Christmas tree would be perfect for the rustic look, the pine smell will elevate the Christmas feel in your home. When decorating the tree, to keep it simple.

Instead of tinsel maybe opt for some ribbon or a popcorn garland.

Wood hanging decorations or pinecones add a soft touch. With baubles, choose solid metallic colours or matte designs are ideal.

When it comes to lights you can go for multicoloured string lights, but warm white or gold string lights have a more rustic feel, as they would, in turn, warm up the colours of your room when on, harkening back to the warm light of a fire.

To hold the tree, a wicker basket may be a good option. Just a subtle way to add more wood to your décor.

For the rest of your home dotting about smaller, sparse potted trees with similar decorations would work great.

Rustic Christmas Living Room Decor
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Rustic Living Room Décor

Assuming you keep your Christmas tree in the living room, you will want to match the décor to the tree. With rustic décor, you want to keep it warm and cosy.

Go for earthy and muted colours and adorn the room in cushions and soft blankets. If you have a fireplace in your sitting room, then a neat pile of firewood would be a practical and perfect asset to the overall room feel.

For blankets and cushions choose plaid or tartan fabrics. Festive colours of dark red or green bring the traditional Christmas colours into your home. These colours will really complement the tree and wood in the room.

For window decoration, simple tall candles with ribbons around them, hanging hessian or pinecone ornaments would do the trick, to bring a little rustic flair to the room.

Rustic Décor for Outside Your Home

Once the inside is done, you may want to reflect the rustic style outside. For this think about having a natural wreath outside. From a pinecone wreath to an evergreen one.

To explore wreath styles, see our post, Christmas Wreath Ideas.

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Festive evergreen garlands are something to look out for when picking out things to put outside of your home. To tie into the tree and the rustic feel inside.

In conclusion, the things you need for the perfect rustic Christmas décor are earthy tones, wood, pinecones, traditional red and green on their own or in plaid for a wonderful minimal yet impactful design.

Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas